Can I Get Pregnant While Being On My Period

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lenora johnson - August 29

i dont think u can because how can the egg and the blood both pa__s threw.


Amanda - August 29

Yes you can still get pregnant while you are on your period!!!!! I think that there are WAY TOO MANY young people having s_x and not knowing hardly anything about it. Learn about the risks BEFORE you decide to have s_x.


ashley - August 30

Can you get pregnant when your on your peroid? And how long does it take for you to tell?


Amanda - August 31

YES...depends on when you ovulate


Tiff - September 1

Yes, You can be pregnant and still get your period!


Tricia - September 3

Yes, you can get pregnant while on your period. I did.


danielle - September 6

okay so i thought i was off my period thus i had unprotected s_x, and then the day after i started bleeding kind of alot. which is abnormal for me. what does that mean? and what are the chances of becoming preggo? greater or less? email me with any responses PLEASE.. [email protected] thanks danielle


danielle - September 9

update; so as my above question stated. i had my period on sept 3rd and 4th. stopped on the 5th & had unprotected s_x that day. then on the 6th it seemed as if i started my period all over again. but alot heavier, which is abnormal for me. and i still have it. i usually get my period for 2-3 days. does anyone know why this is happening??? PLEASE email me [email protected] .. thanks again -danielle


Nicole - September 20

yes you can become pregnant while on your just depends on when you ovulate


kim - September 22

can you get pregant 8 days before your period .


ASHLEY - September 22



Liza - September 27

Hi. I am just getting menstruation this morning. actually i am very frust because I'm trying to get pregnant. I want to know how to get pregnant? Did I suppose to have s_x 1 time only and wait until a few weeks until its proven that i am pregnant? and when Its proven, we cant have s_x anymore.


lulu - September 30

can i be pregnant while i'm on my normal period


Bella - September 30

Just wanted to say that yes it is possible to get pregnant while having your period - it has happened to me!! I am 10weeks pregnant now and still getting used to the idea. Girls, if you don't want to be in a similar situation - be smart - use protection! Good luck


Nicole - October 4



sunitha - October 11

i had s_x on the third day of my period can i get pregnant?



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