Can I Get Pregnant While Being On My Period

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sunitha - October 11

i had s_x on the third day of my period can i get pregnant?


dontknowifimpregnant - October 20



krissy - October 31

i had unprotected s_x last friday night and saturday. he c_med inside of me 3 times while i was on my period. could i get pregnant if he c_med in me when i was on my period?


tea - November 1

i had s_x while i was in the middle of my period how much of a chance is there that i can get pregant?


Mamagirl1 - November 14

yes you can, i did last year i have a year old daughter.


Fatima - November 28

I know i got pregnant on my period, That same day my period went away, Usually lasts 5 days and I was on my 2nd day and all of a sudden after having s_x, nothing.


UNknown - November 29

Hi it's is posible to get pregnant on the second day of my period??


Gurl - December 4

i had s_x wit my period but he didnt c_m inside me is there a chance i mite b pregnant.... PLZ HELP IM ONLI 15 AND I NEED HELP!


monkey - December 5

Is there anyone i can talk to over aim about getting pregnant?


ericka - December 11

my boyfriend came inside of me a day before ovulation can i get pregnant?


jesline - December 16

i have a question. while on the first day of my period i had unprotected s_x wit my bf what are the chances of getting pregnant??


xxLozZxx - December 19

i was wondering if you can become pregnant while you have your period?!! i'm starting to get scared and people are telling me different things. i really need to no know so i can stop worrying. i had s_x on the second to third day of my period, please help...


Melissa - December 20

Ericka - yes you can get pregnant - sperm can live inside the woman for up to 3 days.


colo - December 20

Yes I was wondering if a Women who had there tubes tied when she was 17 get preganet are her tubes still tied


colo - December 20

Yes I am 42 had my tubes tied since I was 17 is there any way that tubes can untie thay I dont know about


Jennifer - December 20

lol has any1 noticed that the same question has been repeated over and over again...maybe its just me :) happy holidays!



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