Can I Get Pregnant While Being On My Period

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tyler - March 29

if ur on ur period can u have s_x


kyle - March 29

can u have s_x on ur period? like will it mess up a girls inside?


michelle - March 29

does a girl have to c_m also to get do they both have to c_m for inorder for her to get pregnant??


sabrina - March 30



lisa - March 30

can u get pregnant a couple of day before period


bowwows girl - April 4

can u still have s_x if getting your tubes tied


seriously - April 4

You girls need to be taking s_x ed in school. I realize that some of these posts are just from idiots but c'mon now...get an education in s_x or don't be messing around with it.


tanesha - April 6

could i be pregnant and still come on my period.


sugarbaby18 - April 6



laketa barber - April 7

can you get pregnant while your tubes are tied?


Guest - April 8

After my period finished. my fiancee and i had unprotected s_x... and stopped having s_x on april 7th. i've been having sore b___sts. and cramps.. i already took 2 pregnancy test and they both came out negative..and today i got my period... could i still be pregnant?. I'm so confused.


chloe - May 30

can u get pregnant if u have s_xual intercourse while u are on a period


Tammy276 - May 30

Honestly girls, it really depends on how long of a cycle you have. If you have a 28 day or shorter cycle, it is possible that you could still get pregnant while on your period. It is not very common though. If you're worried about getting pregnant, use protection. I have a 48 day cycle, so there is no possible way I could get pregnant on my period. The shorter your cycle is, the more possible it becomes to get pregnant during your period.


sharee - July 10

Can I get pregnant while on my period ?


Tammy276 - July 11

The answer is YES!! That is why doctors tell woman that having s_x during your period is not a form of birth control!! Sperm can live in you for a few if you ovulate a day or two after your period, and you had s_x during our period, it is still possible to get pregnant. If you don't want to get pregnan, USE PROTECTION!!


CyndiZan - August 1

ummm i just had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend, and its during my period which started 5 dayz ago~ he didn't ejeculate inside me~ is it possible to become pregnant~?



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