Can I Have A Miscarriage In The Fifth Month Of Pregnancy

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Necy - September 13

I think I'm not pregnant anymore because I don't feel my baby move.


tru - September 13

i am 22 weeks and some days my baby is not active, it is normal not to be able to feel a lot of movement yet! Have you been to the dr? Did you have any bleeding or pa__sing of anything, you would know if you had a miscarriage in your fifth month!


laura - October 7

Hi. well on am pregnant for my 3rd time. and I do remember sometimes not having any movement. I have heard of women spotting and everything was okay. Is your dr. concerned about anything? Yes you would definetly know. Have you read the book what to expect when your expecting? it was a life saver for me a few times! Good luck and take care!


"S" - October 20

I'm worried about the same exact thing, I'm about 24 weeks & just because I don't feel the baby move every day I worry about something being wrong, I might just be paranoid because I want this baby so bad, but the only thing I have to tell myself is that I have no choice in the matter, if you get really worried go to the dr, I know I have some questions for him when I go back for sure, just so I know what to expect & what is normal... but I've read a lot lately of ppl not feeling them move often, and I suppose they do have to sleep sometime :)


Mellissa - October 22

Have you ever felt the baby move or has it moved consistantly in the past an then all of a sudden stopped? If you haven't felt it move yet than chances are, you have nothing to worry about and you can alleviate all concerns by going to the doctor to hear the heartbeat. If it's stopped moving all of a sudden when it was active before, yes, there MAY be a problem so again, go get the heartbeat listened to so you can rest easy. Remember though that a pregnancy is viable and no longer called a miscarriage by the fifth month. Anything 12-20 weeks is called a "late miscarriage". Call and insist on talking to your doctor or, leave a message. If you can't get a hold of him on the phone than go to the emergency room. Believe it or not, most hospitals and health care providers take a women's concerns about lack of movement very seriously because every baby is different and a women knows best when her baby is moving and when it's not.


Kelly - November 23

Yes, you can. But if you're concerned you should call your doctor right away because you're too far along not to.


Buffie - August 2

I had spotting for the past three days. I am 18 weeks preg. with my 2nd child. I went to the er on sat. and to my dr the following mon. I was told that the baby was fine and that my cervix was closed. I was also told that they didn't know why I was bleeding, but if I was having a miscarrage there was nothing they could do about it until my 20th week. This just sounded crazy to me. I will be in my 20th week in just 2 weeks. I am doing fine now. I have not had any bleeding today. I'm just staying in bed and praying the bleeding doesn't return.


rutuparna - August 11

i have 19 week .but i have spooting only once.but this time it is maaron color stiky fluid.isaw it on my it dangerious or harmfull.


- August 11

ya but is call a stil birth


brandilu - August 14

Hi, I was in the same boat as you are . I was 22 weeks pregnant and didn't feel my baby moving. The doctors office continued to say that it was normal that early. After four days I demanded to hear the heartbeat. Unfortuntatly there was no heartbeat. My baby had died. I delivered her and the cord was wrapped around the neck. She was precious!~ Hope your baby is just being lazy and isn't moving..


Morgan - August 19

I just had to have a D&C at 19 weeks. I had no symptoms that the baby was gone other than that I stopped feeling movement. You need to get an ultrasound to be sure that the baby is okay.



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