Can You Still Have A Period While Pg

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ca__sie - November 8

To all of you that have peroids and still think that you could still be pregnant, The answer is yes. With my first child I had a period on july 2 and then felt like i was pregnant just had the gut feeling so about july 25th or so I took a pregnancy test sure enought i was pregnant when and got an ultrasound the said conception date was mid june so i had a regular period after i conceived.. Now pregnant with my 2nd child wondering if the same thing has happened cant wait to go for my ultrasound... Good luck ladies which ever way you want it to go.


Kristen - November 8

Ca__sie - Thank you for your encouragement. I will continue to wait and see what happens.


Cathy - November 13

And I have been feeling sick lately but then i got my period.


Monica - November 14

does this make since to anyone? I was 14 days late then had my period and now 13 days later I got a positive on blood test but it shows 2 weeks pg. I have light cramping and light brown spotting. I don't understand how I can be pg for only 2 wks about the same time I had period.


Kristen - November 14

Monica - That is very interesting. What does your OB say? The blood test could be a couple of weeks off. Was it a normal period or was it shorter?


Monica - November 14

sorry I confussed you all. Ok I will start over. I started my AF but was 14 days late. (nov 3) which appeared to be a normal AF lasted 3 days and now 1 1/2 weeks later I started to have brown spotting and light cramping so went to the ER and was told I am pg according to my HCG levels about 1 1/2 weeks. How can I get pg the same time I am on my AF. I took clomid during this time too. I am confussed as to when I could have gotten pg in the time they say I did. I had a tubal pg this time last year and it does not feel like that is what this is. I show no symptoms of being pg either. I go in for new blood work tomorrow hopefully I am in the early pg and not eptopic or miscarrying...


Monica - November 14

Kristen, It was a normal period. nothing to make me suspect anything different. I was supprised to find out I was pg. I do not feel like it at all. I wonder if you can get a positive on blood test and it be wrong? I know this sounds crazy I am so confussed by all of it and trying to make since and find answers.


Kristen - November 14

Monica - Very rarely are those blood tests wrong. My only guess is that either what you thought was AF was really only early pregnancy bleeding, which can happen, or it could be low HCG levels from a miscarriage. I hope not. Let me know what you find out.


DancinDiva - November 15

I actually got my AF a week earlier then is normally comes. It cam Nov 9th. Normal flow, and cramping. But I have been extremely tired, and feeling sick the last few days. And a co worker suggested I take an hpt. What do you think?


Kristen - November 15

DancinDiva - go ahead and take the test, it can't hurt.


Cathy - November 15

I dont know what to do?! Im scared! I was only on my period for 2 and a half days and im usally on it for 5 days or 7. I noticed that i had brown spots. Iv been really tired,sick like i want to thrwo up but nothing.Should i take a test just in case? Help Me!


Monica - November 15

well I got my answer I was having a miscarriage. That is why my count only said I was 2 weeks along.


Kristen - November 15

Monica - I'm sooo sorry. I know that is not the answer you wanted to get. I guess it just wasn't the right time. But you WILL have a healthy baby, don't lose heart:)


Kristen - November 15

Cathy - you should take a test. My period was 1 week late and it was much shorter, too. Only 2 days, but my test was negative, however, you may get a positive, it's best to know for sure. Have you been ttc?


Monica - November 16

Thanks, I know someday it will happen. Today was my anniversary date of loosing my last pg last year. It was in my tubes now 1 year later then I have a miscarriage.


Cathy - November 16

Kristen-Thanks so much! Yeah i'll do that.



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