Can You Still Have A Period While Pg

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Cathy - November 16

Kristen-Thanks so much! Yeah i'll do that.


Mekah - November 20

ok this sounds weird, I was told that I had a miscarriage but the last 2 days I have felt more pg than when I was pg. I have been throwing up a lot and b___st are very tender. Is it possible that I got pg again or side effects from loosing the last pg. It has only been 2 weeks since I had the miscarriage....


Mindy - November 24

I just took 2 tests about a week ago and both came up positive and I have all of the signs and symptoms of pregnancy. But, I just got my period. I didn't think that you could get your period when you were pregnant, but I just noticed tonight that I was bleeding. Is this normal? Or is there something wrong?


alex - November 25

i was 14days late i have montogomerys tubercles on my nipples, i have been feeling queezy, dizzy, cravings, and today i started seeing brown stuff when i wipped but now i have my period is not as heavy and the cramps seems as a normal and two weeks before i had to hpt negative pls help me


Monica - November 25

Mindy- do you have any pain? Some women do have a period at the beginning. How long have you been bleeding? I just had a miscarriage and had a period at the beginning and did not even know that I was pg. I would go to the Dr. if you keep bleeding or have a lot of pains.


Monica - November 25

Alex as I stated to Mindy I just had a miscarriage. I took pg test and always said neg. I had my period and a few days later started having a brown discharge and cramping. went to the ER and found out to my suprise that I was pg...So I too had my period and showed negative test. I just did not have enough HCG in my blood yet. Anyway I would just follow up with a DR to make sure every thing is ok and Congrats! if you are.


alex - November 27

monica? can i ask you something does that mean that i might of had a misscarriage, my period is very light as i usually have it, and the first day i had very light cramps and since then nothing else, i really hope i am, i think i am because i read that montgomery's tubercles are a sign of pregnancy then why would i have them if i wasnt pregnant can anyone help me?


Monica - November 27

Alex- No that does not mean that you are having a miscarriage. That is just what happened to me. Some women bleed at the beginning and everything is ok. I would go to the Dr. and have blood work drawn and that will tell you a lot, it did for me. I wish you the best and you are in my prayers.


sherlynn - November 27

IT is impossible to be pregnant and having periods!!! periods means u r not pregnant!!!!


alex - November 30

well iwent to get a blood test done, i will get it soon, i still feel pregnant, i have heart burn, and light cramps , and montgomery's tubercles, i will let you ladies know what is the outcome, and thanks Monica for the prayers i really really appreciate it God bless


Hayley - December 1

I missed a period last month and this month i saw a bit of blood can you help me please


Monica - December 2

sherylnn- I had a period for 3 months and was pg....I know others too. so I would still check.


Kelley - December 28

I'm nauseous constantly. I had a normal period actually a week early. But my nipples hurt, I'm bloated and have been for awhile. I'm not on birth control and my boyfriend swears by the pull out method. But I have never felt this way except when pg. Is it possible to have normal periods and still be pregnant?


MrsCabinet - December 29

I also had my period a week late, but that is usual for me, since I have irregular periods anyway. The day before my period started, I took a HPT, and it showed faint positive. Since then I have taken 7 more, all showing positive. I am also having light spotting when I wipe that is like a brownish color. I have a lot of pregnancy symptoms, such as sore b___sts, increased salivation, montgomery's tuburcles, nausea, increased sense of smell, tiredness, headaches, etc. I'm waiting for my insurance to kick in before I can go to the doctor and find out what is going on. Any advice anyone can give me will be greatly appreciated.


hopeful - January 1

Kelley it sounds like you had implantation bleeding. and if you've been pregnant before, you should know that the "Pull out Method" is a load of bull! Take a test. Implantation bleeding is light and can sometimes pa__s off as a period becuase it usually happens very close to when you should start your period. Not all women have this though. Check with a doc.


Seredetia - January 1

MrsCabinet: 7 positives?? OH, congrats! You are most definitely pregnant. :) Until you can see a doctor, take some over-the-counter prenatal vitamins...that's very important! Just take care of yourself and try not to take ANY medication unless you *know* it's safe while pregnant (any walgreens pharmacist will be able to tell you). They say that one positive test means you are absolutely 7 is definitely a yes. ;)



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