Clomid Pills

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ab - December 8

Could you get pregnant by taking only two clomid pills and not the five prescribed


nancy - March 21

i was on clomid for over a year did not use it one month and found out i was pregnant so yes you can fall pregnant


Kristy - April 13

I am on my first round of clomid but a friend of mine only took it for 3 days b/c it made her feel so bad and she just gave birth to twins last week!! So you definately cn get pregnant without the full 5 days dose.


jennifer - April 15

wow keeping hopes high i think ovulated day after pill5 and we had lots of s_x since i had egg white cm and i hope it works first time on clomid so lets see


Sara Green Otero - April 28

I am also on the first cycle of clomid so I will let you all know how that goes.


Khadine - May 12

not sure. would be good though, it's my first time taking it. If God's involved why not?


AGB - May 13

I am on my first round of clomid, when should I start doing the pregnancy test?


Austin - May 16

I am going to begin my first round of clomid in a few weeks and I believe my prayers will be answered! I was told that it does not usually cause multiple births, but twins are in my family a boy and a girl would be a blessing!


Jay - May 16

How do you get prescribed clomid what is the process


casey - May 21

I took clomid all 5 days, but I took it right before I went to bed and made sure I had something in my stomach, so I didnt feel the effects of it. My partner and I just found out the first ins____ntion took..we are now 6 weeks pregnant and praying everything goes okay..good luck to you


april - May 24

im on my first cycle of clomid so i will let you know


AGB - May 26

I am on clomid, I detected the LH surge, and did artificial insemination at the dr.'s office the day I detected the LH surge. However, ther's no temperature rise yet! Today is the second day after the LH surge. Couldn't be that I didn't ovulate? .


Silvia - June 2

Clomid is obviously a drug and with any drug you should follow the doctor's orders.


Sara - June 2

How does clomid work? Who is prescribed?


Tracey - June 12

This is the first cycle I took clomid. I really hope and pray it works. Does it postponed ovulation?


Lizette - June 27

I took the clomid pills for 5 days and it was my first time and on the sixth day I got pregnant and now have a beautiful 3 month baby boy. I'm going for my second now... Good luck.


Annita - September 23

I am about to start taking clomid but I am so scare that I may not get pregnant.



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