Coming Off Quot THE PILL Quot And TTC What Should I Expect

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patrizia - January 3

After almost 3 years of TTC and a whole bunch of exams ,ETC..... my RE put me on the pill to regulate my crazy cycles for 6 long months. and Finally my 6 months are over ???? what should i expect ? will i kinda be regular , can my body actually ovulate on its own ? will my cycles me crazy all over again ? What are your experiences with TTC after getting off the pill? is there hope for me ? does the pill sometimes help ttc ? thank you


hope-31 - January 14

i stopped bcp after 10 years and conceived 3 months later even though i conceived not on a regular o cycle.i got af on march 6 and conceived right befor or after af since i got ib march 16 and the following week before hpt and bfp.i m/c 2 weeks later but still no luck ttc and thats my story.


Gemini_Girl - January 17

I stopped the pill after taking it for 10 years (i didnt mean to stop I just ran out) so many people told me , it took months to get it out your system and to ovulate by yourself, etc so I wasnt worried that my BF and I had unprotected s_x a few times, I picked up my prescription and thought Id wait till I have a period before I started to take it again, that period never came, I fell pregnant right away! it wasnt planned but we were happy :)


sarah21 - January 17

I stopped birth control and got pregnant 6 months later without trying. I had been on it for close to 2 years. I had no problem resuming ovulation at all. You should be pretty regular right away and still have the benefits of the pill carrying over. I know the pill dramatically improved the length and pain of my periods, even after I quit taking it. Good luck to you!


lex0689 - January 30

i was on the pill for about a year and a half. i ran out/ stopped mid december and now i am about 5 weeks pregnant.... i guess it just depends on your body..


lisa mc - February 2

i had normal periods before going on the pill and was on it for 5 year when my partner and i decided we would like a baby. i came off it it december and only had 2 periods 1 in march and 1 in may and i concieved in june. i am now 33 weeks pregnant. good luck!!!



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