Condition Of Body After Delivery

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jules - May 4

Just out of curiousity to all mothers out there, what was your body like after giving birth? Did you recover quickly? Did you have alot of stretch marks? How long did it take to lose your weight? How long did you have to wait to have intercourse again? Did you have a natural birth or c-section? Sorry about so many questions...just thinking about the future and thought the best answers would come from those with experience.


Bella - May 4

I was able to walk around fine 1/2 hour after I gave birth naturally. I was lucky and only got a few stretch marks on my hips, none on my stomach. I weighed about 15lbs more after the baby was born. I lost 5lbs in the first two weeks after the birth. The next 10lbs were really hard. I would get them off and they would come right back.


Jbear - May 5

I had a lot of stretch marks to start with, so I didn't get any more during pregnancy. I had a c-section, and I wasn't allowed out of bed until 24 hours after the surgery. I had a spinal headache, a side-effect of the anesthesia. As far as weight, I lost 33lbs during my 5 day hospital stay, and ended up 15 pounds lighter than I was when I got pregnant. I had s_x 10 days after the c-section, which really wasn't wise, but nothing bad came of it.


b - May 9



nelly - May 9

i was only 100 lbs when i got pregnant and i gained 34 lbs and as soon as the baby came out my belly disapeared. i still had excess weight to lose though and i only lost about 20 lbs and i actually looked a lot better than before i got pregnant because i have more curves and look a lot healthier. i only had stretch marks on my b___bs and b___t,but they faded on their own so now you cant see them anymore. it took me about a week to recover completely after my epiositomy and be able to walk good again.


Stephanie - May 10

I was 20 when I gave birth and weighed 130 lbs when I got pregnant. (I am 5'8) So throughout my pregnancy I gained 50lbs, because I did not exercise and I ate whatever I wanted (very stupid). I was back down to a size 7/8 about three or four months after she was born. I had a natural birth and only have stretch marks on my b___bs and lower abdomen. Not to bad and now they are basically faded.....(this was almost seven years ago). Also I had s_x about two weeks later.


Jenn - June 12

I had v____al delivery and felt great that 1st week, but after that 1st week didn't feel as good and a lot of pain from the st_tches. Make sure you rest the 1st week no matter how good you feel. Make sure you get a stool softener. We waited the full 6 weeks before s_x, I had heard it was worse than the 1st time you have s_x but it wasn't. I didn't get any stretchmarks on my stomach, but got them on my hips. I had a hard time losing some of the weight, but i didn't work out much while pg, definitely will work out throughout next time.



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