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Melissa - April 18

I read topics about cramps during pregnancy and a weeks ago took 3 pregnancy tests and all came back positive!!! I had my last period on March 6th, so I'm 6 weeks pregnant. I read a lot of information on the internet that cramping is normal as long as there's no bleeding and that the mucles in the uterus are stretching. I just want to know what anyone thinks. Thanks


Joan - April 18

Are they like period cramps or more like a shooting pain to one side? I don't remember having period cramps but I did have shooting pain. I am guessing that it was like you said the area stretching. For a few days I thought I had a tubal pregnancy.


Claire - April 19

I am 5 weeks pregnant and I am also having similar problems. It feels like your period is about to start but there is not bleeding. I have heard that this is normal from most women. This is my first pregnancy so its probably the uterus stretching.


Melissa - April 19

Yes, the cramps that I feel are like period cramps. Before I found out I was pregnant I just thought I was about to start my period. This is my first pregnancy also so I didn't know, but from what I hear it's normal.


Sarah - April 24

Good to hear that I am not the only one. I was beginning to worry about these cramps. This is my first pregnancy, and of all the reading I have done, it appears to be normal. Although, doesn't stop you from worrying, I would be sure to tell your doctor about it, I am sure they will offer you more information.


angel - April 30

cramps r way normal i had them when i 1st got pregnant but they ease off as you baby grows souns weired but its true!!! xxxx angel


Jeanette - May 1

Just found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant yesterday and I am so happy! We have been trying for three years! This is my first and I had no idea I was pregnant, for I keep having "period" c___ps and thought for sure my period was going to start. I am so glad to hear that it seems normal. It is so hard to not worry!


Brittany - May 6

I just found out yesterday that i am 6 weeks pregnant and I have had the same feelings. My stomach is cramping all the time and I think I am going to start but I know I am pregnant. I have had no bleeding. My best friend is 5 months pregnant and said its normal. She still crampos sometimes.


Sylvia - May 8

I will be 6 weeks pregnant tomorrow, this is my first pregnancy as well. I have been cramping really bad for about a month now and have even been to the hospital for it. They said the baby IS in the uterus and everything seems fine so I guess it is normal to have these cramps.


mca - May 9

Ok- but can this happen with your 3rd pregnancy??


Hopeful - May 11

I am 5 weeks pregnant and have had sharp pains on one side and some cramping. This is my 2nd and I don't remember with my first as it was 7 yrs ago. Doctors are testing my blood every 2 days to rule out eptopic preg. Pretty sure everything is fine, just a precauation. if you are concerned , I would definitely talk to your doctor.


alice - May 15

i anm 2 weeks pregnant i keep waking up with backache cramps like you are about to have a period is this normal


EMILY - May 17



MLC - May 17

Hi there, same here. My period was due yesterday and have had period like cramps for a few days but no period. I too am hoping to be pregnant as my periods are always regular. Good luck to all!


Sylvia - May 25

Hi everyone, I posted back on May 8th about my cramping. I am now 81/2 weeks pregnant and I am still having cramps but not as often as before. My doctor also told me that this is a VERY common thing and that everything is just fine. I hope this will give you some encouragment :-) I still get a little nervous but I do feel less nervous about it now. Good luck everyone!


MLC - May 26

Sylvia, pleased to hear that you are doing fine and that the doctor confirms the cramping is normal. I posted on May 17th and have since taken a positive pregnancy test. I am now 5 weeks pregnant. I am still cramping a little, especially when I have been sitting at work for hours. Even though I keep reading its normal I still worry because I had a miscarriage 6 months ago and fear another one. Do you have any other symptoms? I have a bit of nausea and my trousers feel a little tight around my waist. I just wish I had more symptoms to make the pregnancy feel more real! Best wishes to all


J - May 27

I am about 7-1/2 weeks along and have been having very uncomfortable, lower abdominal "pains" along with cramping in my upper abdomin. My doctor says this is normal, but has been keeping her eye on the lower ab. pressure. I have been extremely nervous that something is wrong, but sounds like maybe these things are normal???



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