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J - May 27

I am about 7-1/2 weeks along and have been having very uncomfortable, lower abdominal "pains" along with cramping in my upper abdomin. My doctor says this is normal, but has been keeping her eye on the lower ab. pressure. I have been extremely nervous that something is wrong, but sounds like maybe these things are normal???


Sylvia - May 27

MLC, congrats on the positive pregnancy test!! I will pray that this is a healthy and full term pregnancy for you. I do have many symptoms like morning sickness (all day long!), tender b___sts, fatigue and sleepiness, and of course the cramping. Just remember that in most cases this is a normal thing for a lot of women.


MLC - May 28

Sylvia, can I ask where you feel the cramping?. Mine just feels like a dull ache in my lower back. Could that be my uterus stretching? I dont know, I am so confused!


Mellissa A. - May 29

I am 4 or 5 wks pregnant and I've been having occasional light cramping for about a week. I started having small amt of brown discharge only when wiping after urinating. Because this is my 1st pregnancy I became worried but after reading through this forum I found out that it is quite common. I decided to go the urgent care for rea__surance anyway. The Dr. said everything looked normal when he did a pelvic exam but he was sending me to the ER for an US to make sure it wasn't a tubal pregnancy. At the ER, they did the US and said it most likely is not a tubal pregnancy but they could only see a fluid filled sac in my uterus. No heartbeat. My HCG was 2500.They said It could be to early to tell but I could be miscarrying. Then the Dr. said he gave me a 70% chance that I am miscarrying based on his experience. I was so disappointed. Afterall, I thought light cramping and brown discharge were common and normal in early pregnancy. I only went to he Dr. for rea__surrance and I ended up feeling 100 times worse. I'm suppose to test in 2 days to see if my HCG is rising. Please keep me and my baby in your prayers.


toya - May 30

i have cramps to usually at night though. This is my second pregnancy and my husband really wants it. Im glad to hear that cramping is normal


Melissa - June 1

Melissa A, this is Melissa. I read your topic and just wanted to let you know i'm thinking about you and hope everything is alright for you and you're baby, let us know when you findout anything. I'm twelve weeks and 3 days now and on June 6th going to the doctor to hear the heartbeat!!!! Congratulations MLC on being pregnant. I didn't think I would have any morning sickness,but it started when I was 8 weeks and I have it all day about every other day. I told my husband I have my good days and bad days!!!


Rachel - June 1

Im 8 weeks pregnant.. and I too have been getting bad cramps, they feel like period pain, there is no bleeding, so i guess that is good. will these pains stop ? or will i have them the whole way through ?


Rachel - June 1

Melissa A. I just read your post, and I will keep you and your baby in my prayers.. I hope everything goes well for you and your baby.


MLC - June 2

Melissa, thanks for your good wishes. I was complaining about not getting enough symptoms and yesterday I started with terrible morning sickness. Today its a bit better so I guess I too am having good and bad days! I hope all goes well at your apointment with the doctor and you are able to hear your little baby´s heartbeat. I no longer have the cramping but what I do get is awful lower back ache every day after sitting at work. I want to get a pregnancy yoga DVD to see if that will help. Rachel, as they say, as long as your cramping comes with no bleeding, you are ok. All the best to everyone!


Sylvia - June 8

MLC, sorry I didn't read your post until today. My cramps feel like they are around my ovaries, exactly where it cramps when I have periods. The good news is that they are very minimal now. I am 10 weeks and 3 days pregnant now. I think everything will be just fine! Good luck to everyone!


Melissa - June 8

Hi everyone,well I went to the doctor on June 6th and we got to hear our baby's heartbeat!!! At first the doctor couldn't find it and we were worried,but he finally found it. I go back to the doctor on July 6th,and I'll be 17 weeks, can anyone tell me if we'll be able to find out the s_x of our baby then? We want a little girl and if it is a girl we're naming her after our mothers Kimberlee Louise and if it's a boy Conner Ray. Doesn't that sound good? MLC, I also have the lower back pain, I work in a Sno-cone stand from1 to 6:30 and I'm constantly up and down. If you get the pregnancy yoga DVD let me know if it works. Thanks


Chelsea - June 9

I just found out yesterday that I am about 5 weeks pregnant. I have a OB appt. tomorrow. I have a strange dull ache in my lower belly, but sounds like lots of women do. This is my 2nd pregnancy, and with my first everything ran so smooth, no complications or pain...any little thing is going to make me worry about this one, because it's out of the norm for me! Good luck to everyone! :) ~C


Dani - June 9

I have cramping all the time. If I didnt know that i was pregnant I would a__sume that i was getting ready to start my period :O) But NO BLOOD, thats a good thing :O) Dr. Told me the same thing.. but man is it frightening when you get them.


melissa m - June 12

i am confused as if i am pregnant or not. sounds kinda funny, but my periods are always come anywhere from a week to 3 weeks different every month, usually later than earlier. i was supposed to start my period 2 days ago. i was almost sure i was pregnant but then last night i started spotting. i do not have any menstrual cramps whatsoever but i do have some pelvic cramping but nothing crazy or really painful. i took a preg test yesterday and it was negative. i was really bummed but what if i my egg is just now implanting. i am confused and so hoping to be pregnant. this would be my first.


toya - June 12

the doctor should be able to tell tell you what u are having any time after 16 weeks.


melissa m - June 14

well, i started my period yesterday so no preggo. pretty sad but i'm hoping things may happen differently next month. good luck to you all



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