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melissa m - June 14

well, i started my period yesterday so no preggo. pretty sad but i'm hoping things may happen differently next month. good luck to you all


Rachel S - June 15

Melissa A - I have just read your note and I just wanted to let you know, you're not alone. I had a missed miscarriage back in March (we arrived for our dating scan thinking everything was fine, but there was no baby). After that, we tried again and well, I haven't had a period since 13th April. In total, I have done around 7 pregnacy tests and have had both postive and negative test results!! I have experienced a dark discharage at around 5 week stage as you did and I have had some cramping, but nothing to shout about. I have been to the hospital and they're not sure either!! In a nutshell, I think we all feel that I have had another miscarriage, but I have to go back in another week to do another pregancy test to teset my hormone levels. I guess it's just one of those things, which doesn't help me right now, but looking on the bright side, at least we know we can concieve.......


preggo #2 - June 16

I'm 5 weeks and i'm having period type cramps. I was told as long as there's no bleeding/spotting its perfectly normal :) come join us at


victoria - June 18

im 17 and im pretty sur that im pregnant i was supposed to get my period aroung the 8th and took 3 test and alll came out positive....i havent been to the doctors yet...but lately ive been have cramps really bad and i feel as if my period was gonna come on but then it doesnt!!! i just wanna know if this is normal and if any1 esle is haveing the same problem or have had the had the same problem


myra - June 19

i have a question , we did a ovulation kit to try to get pregnant its been almost 2 weeks now i have some cramps like my preiod wants to come & very light bleeding could this be when the embryo implants itself?


Harmony - June 28

Hello well I think it sounds logical I my self have been cramping alot Im 6 weeks.Ive been realy worried,but I think well be fine.


Crystal - July 1

It is so good to hear that I am not the only one to get these cramps! I am 5 weeks pregnant and have been very worried about this, but now that I see that so many women have them, it calms me. Good luck to every mother, I hope you all have a healthy pregnancy and baby!


Susan - July 2

I'm 4 1/2 weeks pregnant. I've been having medium cramps for about a week now. I'm scared because I lost my last pregnancy at 5 weeks 1 day and I had cramping through that pregnancy too.I hope everything is okay. My HCG level is good, so I'm hoping things will be different this time.


pavima - July 2

iam 5 weeks now even iam feeling the same way


Crystal - July 3

Melissa, these cramps seem to be very common. I also took 3 preg. tests and they were all positive. Don't worry the cramps will start to ease off over time, mine have already started to ease. Good luck, and try not to worry too much, I know it is hard. As long as there is no bleeding, they seem to be pretty normal.:)


sarah - July 6

hey, are slight cramping and lower ab pains when you urinate a sign of pregnacy? just curious.


Susan - July 7

I'm 5 1/2 weeks now and my cramping has dramatically decreased. I also got back my 3rd HCG level and it was 11,607 22 days after ovulation. On the charts that numbers high, but my nurse said it was fine. Does anyone know anything about HCG levels?


Faari - July 10

Thank God for this discussion! I am pregnant for the first time and in my 6th week! We are SO HAPPY! But the period-like cramps don’t seem to go away so I was getting worried. It is getting less frequent and less intense and my Mom said its normal but hearing everyone's experience really does help! Before I found out that I was pregnant, I was so sure my period was going to start any day - I had pads on for days until finally, a week overdue, we decided to test! I am also mega sleepy all the time, feel nauseous on and off thru the day, have to run to the bathroom all too often and have mood swings and crankiness (as I do just before my period). I see the doc on 7/18 for my blood work, etc. It's the first appointment and we are praying that everything is okay. Good luck to all of you! May God bless us all with healthy little ones :)


Susan - July 14

On Monday the 11th I started spotting blood. I was so scared and thought I was losing this baby too, but on Tuesday I went for blood work and an ultrasound. The ultrasound measured the baby at 6 weeks 4 days and we saw the baby's heart beating. My blood work also came back really good with my hcg levels over 66,000. I'm still cramping and spotting a little , but everything else seems okay. I'ts so scary to bleed and no one can tell me why it is happening. I'm still very hopeful for a healthy pregnancy.


jane - July 19

i am also 6 weeks pregnant and had 2 previous miscarridges all at 6 weeks on saturday i got mad c___ps and backache, had a US yesterday saw the yolk sac and maybe a fetal pole not got to got back until 1st aug now but my cramps seem more like period pain now, i had these feelings with both the previous pregenancys and lost them both can any one tell me a sucess story and healthy pregnancy after having these cramps and dull aches at about 6 weeks


Kerry - July 27

I just found out I am pregnant yesterday ( I was due yesterday ) and if I hadn't taken the test I would bet money that I was about to start my af. I am cramping like I am about to start and it is really frightening because we have been trying for 11 months. I'm terrified I am going to lose it. I had what I think is a bit of breakthrough bleeding this morning, but nothing else. I hope someone will read this. x



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