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Kerry - July 27

I just found out I am pregnant yesterday ( I was due yesterday ) and if I hadn't taken the test I would bet money that I was about to start my af. I am cramping like I am about to start and it is really frightening because we have been trying for 11 months. I'm terrified I am going to lose it. I had what I think is a bit of breakthrough bleeding this morning, but nothing else. I hope someone will read this. x


Charlie - July 27

I am 5 weeks pregnant and for the past week i have felt the exact feelings i would get if i was about to come on my period, including quite painful cramps and headaches. So relieved to hear this is normal and there are so may others feeling the same way, Makes me feel 100% better!


TF - July 28

I had cramps so bad my whole pregnancy. I wish they(Dr.'s, books, other women, etc.) would talk about it like they do morning sickness and other symptoms. I had no idea until I was pregnant that you can get cramps and I was worried that something was wrong most of my pregnancy. Just hang in there, cramps are very normal!!


Lori - July 28

I just found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant. This is my 3rd pregnancy, but my 1st one I had a miscarriage. My 2nd one was great, I have a 21/2 year old boy. This time, though, I am very nervous because I am cramping a lot. It's been very faint, but lately it's been in my left side the most. Kinda stabbing pain? I haven't seen my doc yet, and I can't see my him for 2 more weeks. Do anyone think this might be serious? Please help!


Lori - July 28

Sorry, 2 1/2 year old little boy.


Laureli - July 29

Hi all. 1st day of last period 4th july. Fiance and I think conceived on 16th july. Period due 1st Aug (not uncommon to come day or two late). On 22nd July, had spotting for first 2 visits to bathroom that morning, but went away, but 'period-feeling' cramps since that morning have stayed! Never had cramps BEFORE getting period, only when get period. Does anyone think I could be pregnant. I am 27, this would be our first pg if am pg. All advice really is appreciated.


Melissa - December 16

Hi everyone, I'm the one who first posted the question. Just wanted to let you all know I had my baby on December 7th, a little boy his name is Conner Raye. He is the cutest thing I don't know what I would do without him now.


bobbie jane - January 11

there is a thing called "phantom periods" where you have all the symps of your period but you just don't flow...I use to have irregular periods but then the just straightened out on there own and ive been having them every month this month i didn't have one i have been having cramps on/off they are not really painful just feel like im going to start my period but then i haven't yet its been 2 weeks could this be pregnancy or a "phantom period"


Taheera - April 10

I'm feeling the same cramping, but it's normal I remeber feeling the same thing when I was pregnant with my son and daugther. Hope this info helps.


dimpales - March 3

Hi im 5weeks pregnate and iv been getting cramp pain too. It feels like im going to get my period. but no blood so far. does any one no how long it takes to go away cause im scared that this isnt normal.


xxlovexx - September 29

i am trying for a baby i have been getting quit a bit of back and abdomonal pains i went to the hospital about 2 weeks ago with the pain and he did a test but it was to early to tell could the pains be implanting pains


xxlovexx - September 30

guess the pains were implanting pains found out yesterday i am about 3 weeks thank god


Adi - November 20

Hope my experience helps someone: Nov 4th CD 11 had my first iui s_x on nov 6th Nov 9th CD 17 - had severe abdominal pain Nov 10th CD 18 - DR appt. & vag ultrasound nothing found Nov 11th CD 19 - cramping middle of abdomen Nov 12th CD 20 - cramping middle of abdomen Nov 13th DC 21 - cramping middle of abdomen Nov 14th CD 22 - cramping subsides when I lay down Nov 15th DC 23 - cramping and light spotting(when I wipe) Nov 16th CD 24 - no cramping. Increased spotting Nov 17th CD 25 - cramping right/left side spotting decrease(when I wipe) it almost feels like I am ovulating Nov 18th CD 26 - increased cramping mostly on left side, back pain, spotting in morning and subsiding as day goes on. neg preg test Nov 19th CD 27 - cramping that subsides if I lay down. Spotting. neg preg test Nov 20th CD 28 - cramping/spotting - pos preg test. I have never had a pos preg test in all the years I have been trying to conceive


Adi - November 20

congrats on your baby. Please pray for the rest of us.


xxlovexx - December 14

to adi i havent been online for a while and hav just read your post thankyou for your congrats i am 4 months now and evey thing is fine thanks to god anything happening with you yet just want you to know god is good and will bless you soon if not already please get back to me xxxxx god bless


Adi - December 14

Unfortunately, had another ultra sound and the doc could not find anything in my uterus. Maybe I miscarried? Not sure, but was sent to radiology for a better US. Still nothing found. Doc concerned it might be etopic since I was in so much pain. Given a shot of Met? sp? and sent home to miscarry. We will try again after my body heals.



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