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Ressie - December 30

Hi, I am new at all of this and i do have a question..I am 20 days past due for my AF i do have cramping everyday like i'm going to start AF. i have been getting nausea mostly in the afternoon-evening but not everyday. I do seem to be going to the bathroom alot more but my b___st are not tender. I have not gone to the doctor yet because i have taken 3 pregnancy test and all 3 have come out NEG. I was going to wait to see if AF was going to come this month. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.


Ressie - December 30

I'm sorry i forgot to add i do get bad headaches. And moody. I also get light dizziness at times. Please let me know if anyone has any advice. Thanks


SKye - January 2

I am six weeks. I have cramps and spotting, for four days, but no obvious miscarraige yet. I have had four miscarriages already, unfortunately, so I would know if it were a definite miscarriage. I am seeing conflicting info in posts. Are both cramping and spotting a big No No? I hate the holidays when all the doctors are out!


Sheena - January 4

I am 4 weeks and i cramp on the left side mostly andhave lower back pain.Is this normal?


fefer1 - January 4

I have mild cramping as well. It feels like a period but milder and no bleeding. My period was due last week and I took a test on the 2nd and I'm pregnant! I am going to the Dr today to get it confirmed. I guess I would be about 5 weeks pregnant? It sounds like cramping is fairly normal but I think it is different for each of us. When in doubt, consult a Doctor. Good luck everyone!


Skye - January 4

Hi, Justed to follow up to my last post about my spotting and cramping concerns that I went to the DR and the ultrasound shows more growth and solid attachment in the fundus. So, apparently five days of heavy spotting and cramping is occasionally not serious trauma. In the past, when the exact same thing happened, it was five days of heavy miscarriage. Hooray - this time it looks okay!


natalie - January 10

i get cramps when i wake up in the morning


Shanna - January 10

I had cramping from 5 weeks until about 21 weeks. I also had a lot of pressure in my pelvic area and everything turned out fine. I now have a healthy baby girl. When in doubt don't be afraid to call your Doctor. I called whenever I felt something strange, which was often being pregnant for the 1st time. Good luck and drink lots of water!


KerriLynn74 - January 17

My bestfriend is pregnant probaby about 1 month..this morning she was in bad pain..she said she had bad pains/cramps on her side..worse then menstural cramps..she went to the hopsital to have it checked out i am waiting for her to return let me know what is happening or fear is that she has an etopic pregnancy..hopefully not cause this is a REALLY much wanted baby.. What do u think it might be?


Morning - January 21

Ok heres my deal i dont know if im pregnant but i have been having a lot of unprotected s_x lately. My last period was Dec 11th and here it is Jan 21st and no period. However, i have slight cramping like my period is comin period. I also have ALOt of this white cream -dont mean to be so detailed but i wanna know-- could i be pregnant if you have any input or opinions/knowledge of this id rather you email me please at [email protected] id appreciate any feedback


Alyssa - January 23

I am 5 1/2 weeks and have period like cramps often. I have contacted my Dr. and am waiting to hear if this is normal or not. By reading what some of you are saying I'm sure that us crampers have nothing to worry about.


sussie - January 26

if your period sopose to come 27and you had s_x for the week what would happen


domesticgoddess - February 2

I'm hoping for a bfp on Thurs. My question is this...where do these cramps occur for those ladies who are pregnant. I've been having a pulling ache on the ride side of my pelvis for the last few days. I'm going crazy with waiting for next week to come so I'd thought I'd really obsesse and try and get specifics. Congrats to all those who are pregnant.


NeNa - February 6

yes you can get cramps during pregnancy they feel like period cramps but if theres cramps with bleeding then you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible


sanjavi77 - February 7

Hi Friends, I am 5 wks preg right now. There are cramps/abdominal pain left side, thighs cramping, lower mid back pain. I get scared b/c I miscarried six months ago. But there is no bleeding, so I try to be optimistic.


Nicole - February 7

I am 5 weeks as well and I also had a misscarriage 5 months ago, my progestrone is low and I am cramping...but I am still hopeful.



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