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Nicole - February 7

I am 5 weeks as well and I also had a misscarriage 5 months ago, my progestrone is low and I am cramping...but I am still hopeful.


sanjavi77 - February 8

hi Nicole, Congrats! May be you can ask your doc to check your HCG level? My doc said my HCG levels are low. I know it can be worrysome, but we have to look at the brighter side. my doc also said that she will check my progesterone. if it low at this time, they can't do anything. She said that it should be given around the time of the conception. This morning I got up with cramping really like my AF. The cramp is in my lower plevic region and upper thighs like waves. It is so stressful. Pregnancy should be pleasant, not worrysome. Everytime I go to the restroom, I get scared...when there is no bleeding, then only I start to breathe normally. I hope we carry to full term 40 weeks.


sdgirl79 - February 14

I am 11.5 weeks and still have cramping on and off but nothing really painful. This is my first and was unplanned so I have been worried about every little pain. But my doc says that the baby feels all the worries of mommy and to really try to only think of positive things. Just drink lots of water, get lots of rest, and take it easy. Congratulations to everyone!!!


Lacey - February 14

Well I am 17 and I just found out a few days ago that I am pregnant, and I have been cramping.. I'm not sure if they are severe cramps, but I do know that they hurt.. It does feel as if they are period cramps, but i'm not sure. Earlier today I went and pee'd and I whiped, and the pee was a little light pink... ;\ If anyone know's anything please let me know.


Amber - February 16

Hi, I am about 15 weeks along and yes craming is ok. It is just a sign that the baby is growing. Congratulations to all of you who are pregnant!


crystalu - February 21

I am six weeks and i get lower cramps mild ones everyday.


knpandrews - February 21

Hi crystalu.... I am 6 wks. 5 days and I have cramping on and off each day. My doctor says it is normal as long as I dont have any bleeding. Did your doc. give you a due date?


Tracy - February 27

Horrah im normal.. i think! I miscarried last year and just found out im 5 weeks pregnant and been experiencing lower cramps but no bleeding, doctor says it is quite normal but if they get more severe to go to Early Pregnancy Clinic for scan, good luck to every cramper!!xxxx


jennifer - March 24

i am 2weeks 2days late im pretty sure im pregnant but still having period like cramps but no bleeding its possiable but has any 1 had the bloating feeling like when ur period is just about 2 come thats been happening this last 2weeks,could i still be pregnant???


marisol - March 27

i got in a figth and i went to the e.r they said its to early to tell if the baby is going to be ok because it doesnt have a heart beat yet and ive been having period like cramping help me please i had amiscarige a year ago


Melissa - April 1

Just wanted to say that about 4 months ago I was almost 3 months pregnant. I started getting period-like cramps one day and called my doctor. He scheduled an ultrasound for the next day bc my cervix was closed and that night I was rushed to er for severe pain and bleeding. I miscarried the next morning, I say if you have cramps and you are worried see your doctor!!! I am preg again 13 weeks...wish me luck!!!


mandee25 - April 1

I am 7 weeks and I have had mild cramps here and there mostly in my lower abdomen and it is totally normal as long as there is no bleeding and the cramps aren't doubling you over or anything.


tammy - April 2

I've been having cramps for the past 6 days, AF is due tomorrow, or tuesday, so I don't know if I am cramping because of AF, or because I am preggers. Did anyone cramp like this when they WERE indeed preggers? I took a test a few days ago and it was neg, so I may have tested too early, or maybe just not pregnant. Who knows.


DorothyL - April 3

I havn't seen my doctor yet but I will in two days. I have cramps all the time and i feel sick a lot aswell. I am also constipated. Cramping obviously seems normal so i feel better now. But yeah im excited to see how far along i am. Wow I have so many questions.





sb2 - June 3

sb2, I miscarried 5 and a half weeks ago. I have felt like i am going to getmy period by cramping but it feels like their is something keeping me from starting. I have taken 4 hpts that were neg. I also took a urine test at the dr. office where it was neg. idon't understand can some plese tell me their story



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