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Beth - November 1

My name is beth and i have a 26 year old daughter and she is 10 weeks pregnant and she has a lot of cramping and there was some bleeding in her urin could this be a sighn of concern. sincerley cocerned mom.


E - November 1

Beth, blood in the urine is a sign of a bladder or kidney infection. I have had this happen and she should be seen to recieve antibiotics. Blood in urine has nothing to do with the pregnancy, only the urinary tract. If she lets the infection go, she will develope a kidney infection and these are very painful and make you VERY ill. I have had 2.


E - November 1

Also, bladder infections cause horrible cramps. Please convince her to see someone asap.


Jodie - November 1

I have until the 7th when my period is supposed to arrive. I have been having a ot of cramping,a lot of white cm,and pain in my pelvic area. My questions are-I am tied but like an achy tired almost like I feel like I am getting sick,is that a symptom? Also,I took a test this afternoon,is it too soon? My b___st hurt when not touched but donot hurt when touched,whats going on with all this,thanks...


lindsey - November 2

im now 19 weeks and i still get cramps although the baby is fine


Jesy - November 2

is it normal to have back cramps, and sharp pains that are like menstral pains, when you are 2 weeks pregnant?


ME - November 14

i am 17 weeks pregnet cramping and peeing are normal unless you are bleeding or having really bad cramps see a doc asap.....goodluck to all !!!


sonya - November 19

Dh and I just started trying.. think I am pregnant, but now it's close to my af, I am having period like pains.. and I am really worried. I have also been having a lot of cm for the past week. I do hope it is not my af..


Nicole - November 20

I'm 5 weeks pregnant and have cramps all the time. Is this normal though?


Hina - November 22

I'm about 4 1/2- 5weeks pregnant and i have been getting lower adominal my mentrual cramp but lighter,is this normal? or could it be a ecoptic pregnancy?


angeltaz - November 24

I am 14weeks and i have slight cramping which is normal. I had an ultrasound yesterday and saw the baby moving and that was when i had a little cramp. So that was cool!!!


sosi - November 24

on 11/ 12 /04we had unprotact s_x on 11/1/04 was my first day of last cycl on/11/19 a little red spot until today, and sometimes i fell strong crampa out from my v____al i had experienc this with my son but at the 6 month when i was prgnant my son is 18 my girl is 14 i want one more i am 40 please help me i will be prgnant or no?


wendi - December 3

im 6 weeks and getting cramps i only had a miscaridge 3 months ago so im scared ill loose it again. Im not to sure if this is normal


shaniece - December 6

im only a few weeks pregnant i am having cramps and lower abdominal pain is that normal ive already had two micarriages in i scard that i might lose this one


brittany - December 14

im 13 weeks and i ge cramps all the time its normal unless ur bleedin


joy - December 16

well im not sure if i am pregnant but last 2 months ive been getting sick peeing alot and lately i have been having wierd feelings in my lower stomach and feels like im cramping sometimes



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