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joy - December 16

well im not sure if i am pregnant but last 2 months ive been getting sick peeing alot and lately i have been having wierd feelings in my lower stomach and feels like im cramping sometimes


MONICA - December 22



Helena - December 30

6 WKS-Same cramps, pretty painful early every morning. I'm beginning to think they're bad gas pains though. If you prop your lower body up with a pillow they sometimes go away.


shawna - December 30

I don't know if this will help anyone, but I want you to know not having any Vitamin E leads to make sure you have some..I hope this helps someone


Bee - January 3

Its only been a month, but I've been getting cramps on and off all day. They are the worst in the morning, but for the last couple of days Ive been waking up in the middle of the night with excruciating cramps. There hasn't been any bleeding though. Can someone please tell me if this is normal????


Nicole - January 4

I am 5 weeks along and get cramps all of the time. Could this be a sign of a misscarrige?


Meaghan - January 20

I'm 10 weeks and i get cramps all the time. I've found that a lot of the time they are just gas cramps.... don't be worried, it's normal.


Stephanie - January 28

i dont know if im pregnant but i think i am because i get head achs all the time and loewer back achs and in my stomach i get cramps like pains and im always tired and i eat more then i normally would...


Kyesha - January 28

Is it possible to constantly get cramps during your pregnancy?


&m - February 3

I'm 16 weeks and cramping constantly. So yeah.. possible.


bobit - February 5

i'm three weeks and my b___sts hurt , they have little raised dots on them but not alot and my tummy is cramping alittle. Also i feel like I have heart burn in the morning. Are these the right signs?


Charlene - February 6

I am 19 weeks right now, and this is my second pregnancy. This time I am having some really bad stomach cramps, and pain in the right side of my back.My stomach is a little tender, I will see the doctor this week. Just wondering if anyone else has felt like this. Thanks.


Kelly - February 14

Now that I am in my second trimester and the baby is bigger I am getting gas cramps almost every night. It moved from my side to my lower abdomen. Only comfort is laying stretched out. By morning I feel better.


lis - February 18

Just found out im pregnant and having mild stomache cramps is this normal?


becky - February 23

I am 18 weeks and have started getting sharp stabbing pains that feel as tough they are going straight down from my belly b___ton to the top of my v____a, it this normal or should i get it checked out?


Kristen - February 24

I'm 13 weeks pregnant and i have lil dull pinches in my lower abdomen too. Just like right before your period comes. I just hope that is normal I went to the doctor today and heard the heartbeat and all. Everything was fine just after i started getting these strange pinches. Nothing that hurts bad just annoying



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