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Tammy - April 2

This may be a stupid question, but my AF is due sometime between April 3 - 5. It is April 2, and I have been cramping already for the past 6 days, not normal for me. I usually cramp the day before or of AF arriving. I have also had a headache for the past few days too, haven't had one of those in a long time. I took an HPT a few days ago, and it was negative, probably tested too early. I don't know if I am cramping because of AF coming soon, or because I may be pregnant? Is anyone else having this problem? I really hope AF doesn't come, but I really think its going to!! If you are having the same problems, please share with me!!


ElizabethAnn - April 2

Hello Tammy! Well i just wanted to let you know, that i am now almost 7 weeks preggers and i had the same exact symptoms that you are having. I never used to get cramps untill i actually got my af, but when i got pg i got them like a week before af was due. I also got a few headaches on and off, but they felt a little strange, not like normal headaches i usually get and i got sore bb's for the whole two weeks before af. I took a hpt about 4 days before af was due and got a bfn! then i tryed again on the day my af was due just for the heck of it cause i had one left, and i got a bfp!!!!!! soooooo maybe you are pg!!! Hope everything works out!!!!


Tammy - April 2

Thanks!! Its nice to hear that someone out there went through the same thing. I am hoping everything works out too!! I'll post in a few days if I don't get AF!!


lissica - April 4

Hi Tammy. I never get cramps till hrs before i get AF and just 2days ago i have started to get cramps,back pain and headaches. AF isn't due till around the 9th so i just figured she was coming early but no period yet:) My b___sts are not sore tho:( I hope that doesn't mean anything.Thanks for your input elizabethann that gives me hope.


Tammy - April 4

Yeah, my b___sts weren't sore either. She gave me hope too, until I woke up Monday morning and there was AF!! Darnit! Oh, well. I guess we'll just have to try again this month. We bough the clearblue easy fertility monitor because my cylcles are really long, and I never know when I am O'ing, so hopefully this thing will help and I'll be able to post next month saying I am preggers!! Good luck to you!!


inflatedheart - April 4

The few days before I knew I was pregnant, I had some cramping that was pretty mild. I was told that it could possibly be implantation cramps. I also had headaches, mild nausea, dizziness, adversion to certain foods, and tender b___sts. It is possible that you are pregnant. Mild cramps are common during early pregnancy.


Tammy - April 5

Just thought I would let you all know, I got AF on Monday, though its not normal. I usually soak (sorry this may be tmi) through 3 super tampons each day for the first two days, then two days of regular, and one day on light. Monday, I used one regular, and today I used one regular, had in for 6 hours, and it still wasn't full when I took it out. Now its been out for 3 hours, and there isn't even any spotting. I don't know whats up. I think something is wrong with me. I have never had an AF like this before. But at least I know I'm not preggers. Guess we'll have to try again this month!!


CCmama - April 5

I feel just like inflatedheart, i think i am having implantion cramps, i think i have alittle brown spotting. But i dont wanna get my hopes up!Baby Dust!


lissica - April 5

well..i guess i got my AF too. I had no period until i went to the docs yesterday and got a pap. She said i might spot afterwards but i never do. But then a few hrs later i started to spot then it turned into a heavy bright red flow.So i called today cus it's still going and she said the pap just forced out my period.:( But i am just so confused as to the pains ahead of time and still to this minute i have them.So i'm very dissapointed and makes me wish i never went to the docs:)



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