Cramping And 5 Weeks Preg Normal

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Jamie - June 2

I'm 5 weeks pregant and very excited to be expecting our first baby, but i've had really bad cramps in my abdomen off and on for 2 weeks..It's really worrying me b/c i know how common miscarriage is and i want this baby more than anything. Is this normal at this stage and what can i do to minimize the pain???? Any reply would help to calm my nerves..Thanks to all!!


Rachel - June 8

Jamie- Im 8 and a half weeks pregnant.. and I too have experienced Cramps. Just letting you know, they are perfectly normal. My doctor told me, it is just the uterus stretching... they feel like period pain. My doctor told me I can take Panadol Rapid to ease some of the discomfort. But to only take it sparingly, and try to steer clear of using tablets to ease pain. Instead, have a short nap, or drink lots of water and rest. But, don't be alarmed. Cramps are normal. And some people get them up until nearing the end of pregnancy. Only see your doctor about them, if you notice spotting, or they are very intense, alot more painful than normal. I hope I helped. And Congrats on your pregnancy. Keep in touch. And let me know how things are going.


jamie - June 8

Thanks Rachel!! that does help...they just worried me, since it's my first baby..nobody i know experienced it's good to know someone else has had, not that it's good lol,but that it's normal..Thanks! and good luck w/ your baby too!


preggo #2 - June 16

I am 5 weeks and i'm having the same thing happen, i've been rea__sured that its very normal. I have my first dr's appt on Monday i will mention it to my dr just in case. Come visit Mommies 'N Babies


Rachel - June 19

sure thing preggo...


Amber - July 2

I am 5 weeks gone and am very excited. I have had cramps to mainly just in this past week - I have been told that is normal aswell. My b___sts are very tender !! Does anybody know how long these cramps last ?


Nikki - November 18

I'm 10 weeks and still experiencing cramping mostly when i lay down at night but sometimes throughout the day there not intense persay but they do feel alot like period pain....God intended for women to have cramps looks like were never going to get rid of them ;) my doctor told me it's very normal as long as you dont experience any bleeding


Anissa - November 18

Hi all! I am 5 weeks pg and I have also been experiencing period like cramping off and on for the past week. I went to the doctor yesterday, as I was concerned just like you, and my doctor did an internal check to make sure everything was ok. She said that everything looked great, that it was just my uterus stretching to accomodate the little one! She said its very common. She even said some light spotting is normal too and for me not to get upset if that ever does happen. She said that severe, long long lasting cramping along with a substantial amount of blood is something to be concerned about. So, don't worry, we're all cramping too!!


Pam - November 27

I too am 5 weeks pregnant (that's exciting to say!). It is my first and I've been experiencing cramping that feels like menstral cramping - not intense, but persistent for the past 3 days. I was starting to get mildly worried and did a search and found all of you. Glad this sounds normal. :)


jem - November 28

wow it is so rea__suring to read all your messages! I am also 5 weeks pregnant and have been spotting and cramping for the last 3 days! I have a Dr's appt tomorrow as am concerned and want to request a scan. I suppose the reason I am concerned is because I only spot after a bowel movement - that cant be good can it?


majella - November 28

Hi im 5 weeks pregnant and have been experiencing cramps on and off for a week now its great to read that this is pretty normal thanks!!


Rebecca - November 30

Hi all i have just found out i am about 5 weeks pregnant and getting cramping pains more on my left side and in my back, so i guess it is normal??


Nissa - November 30

Hi ladies! I found out I was pg Nov. 10. I was about 4 weeks....I had period like cramps from the day before I found out until about a week ago. Now I will be 7 weeks Friday and don't have the cramping anymore. Friends have said that it will come and go but my doctor told me that especially with a first pregnancy the uterus starts stretching and ligaments start tearing, making room for the little miracle unfolding inside!! So rest a__sured that cramping is normal. Its when you see it with a substantial amount of blood that you should be concerned. Good luck ladies and here's to a healthy, happy 9 months and healthy happy babies!!


Nancy - December 1

Im 5wks and 6 days pregnant, first timer, and I have had cramping off and on the last few days and today started noticing a discharge. I am really worried about this because we have been trying to get pregnant for almost a year now. And I don't want to be paranoid and call my dr when I have an appt on Monday.


Aliza - March 20

I'm 4 weeks also. I just found out I'm pregnant two nights ago. It's 6am and I just woke up from cramping. I was so scared that something was wrong cause I didn't think you were supposed to get cramps and I found this page and feel so so relieved. Thank you!


SsT - March 28

I am 11 days late. I'm never late. Possibly at weeks. Had almost all the pg symptoms, except sore b___bs. There was some minimal bleeding about 5 days during s_x, but immediately stopped. It got less and less until there wasn't any yesterday. I woke up this morning with period like cramps and bleeding, thought I was getting my period. The bleeding stopped, cramps are still there but not as painful. VERY CONFUSED! Any ideas? We took 2 tests about 10-12 days ago. Both negative. We were going to wait and take another on Friday a.m.


Bourne82 - April 6

I am 7 weeks pregnant and I have some pressure in my lower abdomen as well! I wouldnt worry unless you are bleeding heavily -- youll know the difference between a little stretching and when you are actually miscarrying (believe me Ive been through it ugh)



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