Cramping And 5 Weeks Preg Normal

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Bourne82 - April 6

I am 7 weeks pregnant and I have some pressure in my lower abdomen as well! I wouldnt worry unless you are bleeding heavily -- youll know the difference between a little stretching and when you are actually miscarrying (believe me Ive been through it ugh)


freedom - April 10

Hi! I think I am pregnant. My period is due this comming Friday and I have taken dozens of cheap pregnancy tests. All of them have a very faint line. Anywho...I have been experiencing alot of cramping for the past week. It's worse at night when I'm lying in bed. Can anyone who is pregnant tell me if this happened to you before you found out that you were pregnant?


junebaby2007 - April 11

I am 32 weeks pregnant and I remember clearly that I had cramps when I was 6 weeks pregnant. This is normal. If it happens drink some water and lay on your left side for a couple of minutes (gets oxygen to the baby).


Dallas Mommy - April 29

Well in the beging of my pregnancy I also had had cramps like twice a day for under a months time at first I just thought my period was about to come but it never did so i just finaly took a Pg test and it was positive I am 19 weeks and fine and after I took the PG test i stopped having cramps but I guess that was my bodies way of letting me know something =] but my sister said she had cramps as well I believe its normal but if they are servere just ask the DR.


Hollie McDaniel - May 16

Well Hi all.. I am also 5 weeks pg. I think.. I have to go to the dr. to find out for sure today.. but I have had 3 + HPT and My BBT is up high 98.'s range and sore bbs. all the above... along with the slight cramping like prd. cramps.. deff.. wake me up at night. Very nervous about all this .. b.c Its my first pg. and I dont know what is normal.. I am NOT BLEEDING...and I had to take clomid to get this way.. well .. NOW I just hope everything will be ok... G-Luck to all..


SarahBlueEyes - May 30

I'm 11 weeks and I had that really bad when i first found out. That was one of the reasons i took a pregnancy test. The doctor told me it can be really bad if its for first child because all of your ligaments are stretching out getting ready for the baby. She instructed me to take some tylonol and put my feet up. It works.. just relax and you'll feel better. Walking around made it much worse for me!


briana_N - January 7

Hey im new on here im 20yrs old this is my first only bout 5-6 weeks pragnant...ive been having cramping 2 alot..and a lil bit of this normal or first appt isnt til next week Jan.13,2009 at a obgyn wit a midwife...i will be on here every if any one can answer my questions some times i would love that...i dont wont to be to stress out bout lil things that are reg. in a pragnancy....i keep thinkin im having a misscarriage just cause of the bad cramping and bleding...


augustmommy3 - January 7

briana, i would call the doctor right away. cramping and bleeding is not good. that could be a sign of miscarriage. i don't want to scare you, but you should call ASAP!!!


chloe_a - January 19

Hi. Im due on sat 24th jan, its mon 19th today.. Im getting alot of daily cramps which i only normally get 2-3 days before im due on when iv finished my pack of pills... the pains have been from my ovulation day from when iv been trying. Im getting tired but only abit, tention in my eyes and head and im bloated! i dont have sore brests tho. I heard the cramp pain was the stomach nerves getting ready for if you are pregnant. are these symptons signs of pregnancy?? x


confuzed09 - January 23

hi chloe_a .... back to ur answer. me actually having the same experience as u. likely my menses will b coming this 29 jan 09. usually the dys will move fwd. for the past few dys im having stomach cramps. feels very bloated as PMS. am i too early to judge tat im pregnant or still too early 2 use pregnancy kit?


alirenee86 - January 23

I think so. I worried about that with my first and even had blood just to find out it was implantation bleeding (which I never had with my 2nd). I worried too that it was miscarriage and it all wound up being normal. Try not to worry- being pregnant, worry comes with the territory but it doesn't help anything. Just be good to your body and be healthy and you should have a great pregnancy!


alirenee86 - January 23

I remember it feeling exactly like I had my period. No worries!


confuzed09 - January 23

so should i buy pregnancy kit?


xsafx - February 18

hey!! im 5 weeks too and have been experiencing cramping just like menstrul cramping but worse! i was really worried at first but am glad i have crossed this page! brilliant!


heathercamaro81 - February 21

Ive had menstral -like cramps for the last 4-5 days, finally took a pregnancy test last night and found out I am pregnant- i should be about 5 weeks- This is very exciting because weve only started trying this cycle! At first when I found out I was scared that the cramps were a sign of an ectopic pregnancy, but seeing this has brought a lot of relief!


jdoheny - March 21

I am 5 weeks pregnant and cramping as well. It started lastnight and continued today. No spotting. This is also my first, I was also concerned about miscarriage. It was so encouraging to read all your comments that this is normal. I love the internet. Thanks for making me feel MUCH better!!



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