Cramping And 5 Weeks Preg Normal

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jdoheny - March 21

I am 5 weeks pregnant and cramping as well. It started lastnight and continued today. No spotting. This is also my first, I was also concerned about miscarriage. It was so encouraging to read all your comments that this is normal. I love the internet. Thanks for making me feel MUCH better!!


mazchad - May 1

Hey all, im new here and not sure if im pg or not. Id be 5 weeks if I am. I had a few maybes last yr but turned out to just be late so I keep puttin off a test to hold out hope I dont come on. I should have started last Thurs but have just had increasingly sore nipples and heavy b___sts and also slight lower back ache and tender lower abdominal area and now and then feels like cramps, more discomfort than painful though ok most of the time then gets really uncomfortable especially when out and about and at work sat at my desk. I am also full of wind which is rather embarra__sing at the moment! What do you think? I am going to test this weekend I think of nothing arrives!


chloe_a - May 14

I think you should test now. I was due on my period on the friday and i tested with a first responce test a day eary and it came up poss!! im 17 week now.


Rachel_ni - November 25

Hi! I'm 5 weeks pregnant and experience mild cramping as well... especially at night time when I lay down! It's great to hear that this is completely normal. This is my first baby so im kinda clueless... :)


happymummytobe - January 21

Hi I just found out I'm 5 weeks pregnant. Been having cramps all day and was starting to get worried! very pleased to see lots of other women feel this too, will try not to worry anymore ! thanks!!


HappyWifey - February 1

Hello, This is my first pregnancy and I am 7 weeks and 1 day. I have been having period like cramps since 3dpo! And sometimes they can be pretty bad but they have never lasted more than a couple minutes. I also have been spotting light brown since then. From all that I have researched it seems to be normal as long as you are not bleeding fresh blood or heavily. Also, that has been my only symptom. I haven't had nausea or sore b___sts, I wouldn't think i was pregnant unless it was for the positive tests. I'm sure all will go great for everyone.


Lioness181 - April 8

I am also 5 weeks pregnant with my first baby and am so relieved to read that the cramping is normal! Thanks ladies!


can3la_s0y - April 9

Hey ladies...I should be around 4 1/2-5 wks, and I've also been having mild cramps on & off. Like light menstrual cramps. I was more curious than scared/nervous because I typically don't even get cramps until the day AF comes, so it came down to me just knowing ..i'm thankful for this site because I see it's very common! I have also been feeling quick twinges in both ovaries, but more frequent in my left. Have a happy pregnancy ladies & stay healthy for your anticipated bundles of joy! ciao!


mazza_123 - April 12

Hi ladies, I just wanted to share my experience as I know how much these posts have helped me! I am 5 weeks pregnant with my first and had cramping for the past 2 wks on/off...pains have ranged from mild period type pains to BAD lower stomach cramps/lower back ache...I had a scan last week as was worried due to early miscarriage last month, all seemed fine and was rea__sured as long as no bleeding this is totally normal, they said only concern is if there's bleeding or if persistent pain incase ectopic, if pains come and go though likely to be just stretching....I'm due to go back this week for another scan..I have everything crossed all is ok!!xx


HappyM - July 6

Hi Jamie, I just took a HPT on Saturday and it was positive - I figure I'm about 5 weeks as well, first time for me, and have been having very mild "cramping" for the past week or so. Will be seeing my doctor over the weekend but from everything I've read, the cramps and odd sensation in the abdomen is pretty normal. My b___sts are VERY tender though, they have been for nearly 2/3 weeks now - have had to get new old lady style bras for comfort!!


Happy Happy - July 17

Hi Ladies, I too am 5 weeks pregnant, me and my partner are over the moon. This is my second pregnancy, first time wasnt planned but wouldnt be without her today she is now 7. We have been trying really hard for this & now that we have found out im pregant we are delighted. For the last week & a bit ive been having some pain in my stomach & a little in my back, im full time going to the toilet at night last night i was woke with this serious bad cram that lasted roughly 1-2 mins, i now have a bit of pain in my lower back, im really scared. Is this normal?? Ive had no bleeding at all. I was considering going to the doctor.?? Best of luck to all you mums to be.


Jehnavi - July 29

I had the same light cramping on my right side of Week 5 So, I told the doc and he designed my ultrasound at 6 weeks. Ultrasound showed a healthy baby strong impulse. Now I'm in my ninth week and I have cramps all the same. It is useful to know that is not ectopic. Maybe you should ask before ultrasond relief if nothing else. I propose to ultrasound 6 weeks, because they are likely to see the heart and then brings an incredible relief.


MissMeBabeh - October 23

Im 5 weeks and just found out. The doctor I saw at a walk in clinic said he'd forward a letter to get the hospital to call me and book an ultra sound and such in the next few weeks. I'm having cramping and would really like to find out right away if my baby is healthy, any reccomendations on what to do to get my own family doctor or just get things moving so i dont have to wait weeks?


heathercamaro81 - October 24

Figured I would update after almost a year and a half ago- everything went well and I now have a beautiful little boy who will turn one in a few weeks!


jojo_27 - December 27

thanks for the info everyone. this is my first time pregnant and even though i have not been spotting/bleeding i have had intense period pain type pain my midwife says heatpack, rest and 2 paracetomol. so far this is working :)


mhennessey - January 3

Thanks so much for this post! I am five weeks as well, and last year I made it to five weeks and then it terminated. So now I am so scared every time I feel any pain or a cramp or anything in my stomach or back region. I am going to stay hopeful because of your posts!



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