Cramping And 5 Weeks Preg Normal

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mhennessey - January 3

Thanks so much for this post! I am five weeks as well, and last year I made it to five weeks and then it terminated. So now I am so scared every time I feel any pain or a cramp or anything in my stomach or back region. I am going to stay hopeful because of your posts!


Meggo - January 17

I'm 17 and need an experienced girl's opinion. I finished up my period about 2 weeks ago, but a few days after, I started to feel cramping again along w/ some extreme moodiness- at least, according to my bf of 2 years. Still in the first week after my period, I could tell he started to get worried, saying that i've been really sensitive lately and he doesnt know why I'm so moody. To try and ease him, I told him that Im probably just having post pms instead of having it prior to my period (but the truth is that I had little pms before and during too), but its at least 2 weeks after i finished my period and Im still having some cramping that comes and goes throughout the day & I'm still just as moody (if not more), and just as irritable, and emotional(i've even cried). Not to mention, I've been getting tired during the day, and wanting to sleep earlier each night. Also,I get headaches that throb instead of them just being muscle headaches and have been a little backed up at times (i know, too much info.) Although, even more recently (mainly in the evening) I feel a sort of a rush of vibrations around my abdomen and inner theighs along with some bloating, bubbles, muscle twitches... The only noticable back pain I get is when im at school, but i just blame it on my bag even though i know that symptom is completely new also. I tried just summing up all my symptoms as my mind is just playing tricks on me or just any other excuse I could find(being dehydrated, P.E., gas, anything) but sometimes, it just seems like the possibility that i could actually be pregnant is still a factor and that i shouldnt just simply brush off. All opinions are welcome. I just want to hear from someone who's older and knows from experience vs. someone my age who just knows someone.


jojo_27 - January 18

well hun get a test even though this is my first time i still got my period the first month. lemme know how u go x


Meggo - January 19

Wow. Thank you so much! I will do that. What tests work the best and when's the best time to take it? I heard mornings are best.


jojo_27 - January 19

yeh i took mine in the morning 2 pee tests and 1 blood lol


jojo2501 - April 24

hi i have been been told i am 6 weeks. I have cramps aswell that do feel like period pains. My hormones are all over the place aswell one minute I feel absolutely fine the next I just start to cry for no reason at b___sts are very sore and in the evenings is when i am starting to feel nauseasous am really hungry up until the point i actually go to anyone else having the same symptoms?


ajkeenan81 - May 23

I am 5 weeks and 4 days and had light spotting today brown discharge on tissue and 3 spots on a pad (not full flow) and slight cramps on my left hand side tonightno more discharge as yet - i'm a bit scared and this is my first child and a clomid baby, any advice ??


Gwendolynne - May 24

Alright sooo happy to see I am not the only one going through this! I am a little over 4 weeks (I think!?) and am having daily cramping also same feeling as period. Where I live the Dr. will only see you after your 8th week si it's a waiting game to ask questions or talk about concerns you might have. I have not gotten any discharge other than implantation bleeding a while back. Very excited baby no1!!!!


Eee - May 28

hey all im 4 weeks gone too and only found out week ago i was preg im getting the cramps aswell some can be sharp pains they come and go.... also concered bout lifting and pulling at stuff as my jobs requires it....Is it safe keep doin this or is it harmful??


jojo_27 - May 28

heavy lifting is a no well thats what i heard. i had a bad day of cramps and a hot water bottle helped. im now 28wks good luck ladies.


Eee - May 31

Thanks jojo27... Cramping stopped last night.. 5 weeks this week and have the queasy feeling been sick once today but nothing else just sick feelin and lot wind is this all normal??


jojo_27 - June 1

feeling queasy is something i got all the way through, morning sickness stopped for me after 5 months. still get it occasionally. as for wind. lol get used to it lol


Gwendolynne - June 1

Same here Eee cramps are almost gone at week 6. I get the queasy feeling but no sickness yet, keeping my fingers crossed!!!


Eee - June 6

im 6 weeks now and all my symptoms have stopped me frakin out now... any one goin try the same??


Gwendolynne - June 6

My cramps stopped but I have belly pains and nausea... guess this is what they call morning sickness I don't like it at all lol. At least it gives me a confirmation that everything is okay until I meet the Dr. for the first meeting at 10 weeks.


Eee - June 6

iv been gettin hot flushes but that is it.. i jus hope every thing is ok.. i dont have a scan for another few weeks in july it be my 12 weeks....



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