Cramping And 5 Weeks Preg Normal

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Eee - June 6

iv been gettin hot flushes but that is it.. i jus hope every thing is ok.. i dont have a scan for another few weeks in july it be my 12 weeks....


Gwendolynne - June 6

I'm getting my first apt. end of June, can't wait I have a ton of questions and want the 100% yes you are preggo :) I'm due Jan. 21, when are you due Eee?


Eee - June 6

Thats a tough one to answer cos my nurse said i was due jan 21 also but on this site it says jan 23rd....


Gwendolynne - June 6

Same as me nurse thinks Jan. 21 but online says 23rd... we'll be going through the same things I guess!


Eee - June 6

yes we sure will.... it is exciting but nerve wrecking... iv eait 6 more weeks to see little on.. i get very anxious but thats to be expected i guess...


jojo_27 - June 6

go with what your midwife says... just remember conception date isnt accurate it goes 2 weeks either side....


Eee - June 6

ya that jus confuses me to add 2 weeks onto ??!! LOL


jojo_27 - June 6

yeh basicaly means be ready from nearly 30 wks now so nearly over for me........ as ive known since i was 4wks pregnant its dragged lol......


Eee - June 6

im the same jojo known since 4 weeks also...


Eee - June 11

Ah thats great Jojo hope it will all wrk out for u :).. iv gotten over my hot flushes and jus get feeling sick after i eat... fingers crossed after 12 weeks i wont be feelin lik this...


rubinacohen - June 12

Hi, I'm 5 weeks pregnant and experiencing mostly very mild cramps. I had one night where the cramps were severe and I was light headed, but then it all subsided within 10 minutes and I'm fine. No bleeding or spotting. Just wondering if this has happened for anyone else. I had a miscarriage a year ago so I'm a little worried. Would love to know if others went through this.


Lannie17 - June 13

Hi everyone im not sure if i am prego or not i am 10 days late . and ive been haveing all thee signs havent been throwing up but i almost doo evertime i eat. last night i was having reallly bad cramps. and i started spotting alittle bit . im worried. i took one test and it came out invailed im waiting till this friday to take another one. i would just really like to hear some one elses thoughts on this. im worried


jojo_27 - June 14

rubina - i had severe pains but didnt last too long once i applied heat. hopefully things r better for u. Lannie - u can always go doctor and get blood test to see if ur pregnant. dont forget it could be stress if periods are late etc. good luck x


heather1024 - July 18

This is my 2nd child and I don't remember cramping at all with my son, but then again he is turning 3 so it's been a long time since I was pregnant. I too was worried and began doing research, and I must say, to read some of y'alls comments about it being normal makes me feel 10 times better.SO congrats to all the soon to be mommies, and hopefully the cramps go away soon.. lol :)


fatsmom - July 18

Hi Heather, I also don't think you have much to worry about due to the cramping , but from experience recently with cramping I would like to give you a little advice. I was cramping about 2 weeks ago at 7 weeks and I was afraid that something was wrong so I called my Dr. Who told me I could wait to schedule an earlier appt than my 1st prenantal appt or go to the er if I was really concerned she didn't think anything huge was going on. Any who I went into the er because I didn't want to take any chances and they told me that I was dehydrated which was the cause of the cramping again nothing too serious they told me I could have waited to schedule an appt with my pmd. I was given iv fluids and told to drink lots of water at discharge. I will tell you though I was drinking some many bottles of water I was so confused as to how I could be dehydrated but then I reaized although I was drinking a lot I was also vomitting a lot so keep that in mind and don't throw the idea of being dehydrated under the bus...... Best of luck to you during your pregnancy!


Bella_beaut120592 - August 18

its just pain from your uterus expanding from your growing baby. Its normal. you can take tylenol for the pain if you need to its perfectly safe for pregnant women. if the cramping is unbearable see your doctor asap!



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