Developing Breast Milk

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Bee - April 22

I am 24 weeks pregnant with my first baby. When will my br___ts start to fill up with milk? Does it hurt?


nelly - April 23

when i had my daughter i b___stfeed her and at first what developed is called colostrum and it is kind of clear substance i didn't actually form milk for a few days after we got home from the hospital. For me it was extremely painful and i had to stop and formula feed her, but a lot of women can b___stfeed and it is no problem for them everyone is different. Did i mention my b___bs got huge i could not wear any of my bras. i hope some of this helps you out


Maleficent - April 25

you don't start to produce milk untill after the baby is born. it can be uncomfortable when it first comes in but gets better after a few days. typically the first two weeks are the hardest, once you're over the hump it's smooth sailing.


Jessy - May 1

After they start sucking is when it begins production...For me both times were be prepared...both times I got clogged milk ducts completely around each ENTIRE b___st and so I was engorged and the baby wasn't getting anything...I had to wear lightly steamed cabbage leaves (very stinky) on each b___st each time and give the baby formula for day #2to4, then by 5 the ducts finally unclogged and the baby could get some milk from if that happens, make sure there is cabbage in your house as well as some formula for backup...I never used the formula past those few days and everything was fine...well except the first time it took weeks for my nipples to heal...he sucked them to shreds until they were cracked and bleeding, be prepared w/a big bottle of that nipple cream for b___stfeeding on the first may need it right away. My second was sooo much easier but i still had the engorgement and duct hey, you never know...I use quarter folded rags to catch the milk as well...and get a waterproof pad to put under your chest at night as b___sts leaked so much they soaked rags, my clothes AND the bed everynight...b___stfeeding gets so simple and fun once the baby is a pro, tho...that happens usually by 8mos...I keep nursing (so far) up to 2years at a time..I'm my baby's personal pacifier! It's great bonding time too! Be sure you catch the duct problem in time if you have it...I was using a b___st pump and made things midwife couldn't believe both my entire b___sts were clogged I could not express any milk at certainly became evident when I got a fever from them getting sure you got cabbage in your house!! I'm serious...and it works, too!



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