Do Doctor S Really Know

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Katie - January 30

Ok, I found out last week I was pregnant. i took 2 tests and they came out positive...which took me by surprise b/c I was diagnosed w/ PCOS last year(poly cystic ovarian syndrome). I was told I would have problems trying to get pregant since I don't ovulate at the right time, and I wasn't having my period on my own. I took Provera back in Nov. 2005 and had a period on Dec. 2nd. Not much of one..just 2 days lite spotting. After that I decided NOT to take anymore hormone pills to get me started. I wanted to try to have it naturally. I am PREGNANT! I went to the doctor Thurs. of last week and had a pap, some blood work and my first ultra sound. The ultra sound wasn't what I had expected. They figured by my last "period" I was a lil over 7 weeks...but it didn't show that on the ultra sound. All it we saw was a lil sac confirming I was pregnant. No baby yet the doctor may be too early to tell. He coudln't tell me anything, so that's why I had bloodwork to see what my HGC level..I have one result- today it was 3,500. I don't know if thats good or bad?? I find out tomorrow if I double or not. The reason why they did bloodwork on my HGC is b/c I told them I had some spotting off and on. No red blood, just pink discharge and some brownish. I only had one cramp the week before I found out I was pregant. So that must be the implantation? I am not sure. I don't have a clue. Please, if anyone has had my diliema..or something like it..please write back. Thanks!


AshleyB - January 30

Hi, I've never been in your shoes exactly but I've had one m/c. I just wanted to say good luck with your hcg result tomorrow and let you know that 7wks is very early and sometimes don't see much till 8-9wks. So have hope and try not to worry. Good Luck, i'm sure everything will be fine. Let us know the update, ok?


nanny03 - January 31

I found out my HCG level today was a lil over 4,000..last Thurs. it was 3,500.. So, it went up some. Thats good news. One thing I do need to know is, can I miscarry if I have no cramps, but some blood? Like for instance, today, I had to go really bad to the do #2, and I didn't strain or anything, I went fine. But when I wiped in the front, I wiped some blood mixed w/ some pink discharge. Is there something wrong?? I called the nurse and hopefully she'll call me back. I need your prayers..anyone that reads this. Please. I am a first time mom, so you can imagine how worried I am. Thanks Ashley for your reply.


nanny03 - February 1

My OB nurse called me back and said that what happend is normal to some I am feeling alot of relief right now. :) I'll keep ya posted. I get another ultra sound tomorrow!!



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