Do You Think Its Too Soon To Take A Pregnancy Test

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krisowens - June 12

I should get my af next saturday june you think that if i take a test this coming saturday it will be too soon? I ovulated June 7-8 had s_x with my hubby then...i am dying to know!!!


Tammy276 - June 13

I ovulated June 5/6. Should get my AF Around June 19th, 20th. I think If you take a test this coming weekend, it may be too soon. Usually the earliest you should test is 5 days before, and even then you get get a false negative. I would wait until the day before AF is due, and take a test then. I want to test this coming weekend really bad too, but I will probably wait to see if Af arrives. I'm not sure if we had s_x at the right time to get preggers. I hope we did, but who knows!! Good luck to you. I started a post called the two week wait-come and join me,, or something like that. There are a few girls in there should come and join us!!


mgn - June 14

hey krisowens, i am due for af one week from today (wed) and i took a test about 1/2 hour ago and it was bfn. i knew that it was early but honestly, i have been reading on here so much about the dollar tree tests i could not help but go and buy some. they are only $1! i was reading the directions and saw that it came with a dropper and never used that b4 so that is why i tested today. i figured what the heck, its only a buck. i wanted to be clear as to how they work come nxt week. the bfn did bring my spirits down a bit, so i would advise not testing until a day or two b4 af is due. dont worry, it will be here b 4 u know it. and trust me, there is plenty more waiting even after a bfp.......i think this 2 wks is Gods way of preparing us all for the long haul of whats to come! :) Good Luck to you. :)


mgn - June 14

tammy, i am right on schedule with you. let me know how you do. :) thanks and good luck


jmarshall69_87 - June 15

i found it best to wait and see if u get your next period that way u dont get dissapointed when the test is negative.



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