Does Chinese Calander Work Lets Find Out

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Alicia - June 3

Any one who is interested in helping us ladys who really want to know if we are to expect a boy or girl please reply. If you already have children, reply with the date you concieved, age you were on that date, and weather you had a boy or girl. Or if you have already checked out the calander and know weather it worked or not that info is helpful too. For those who havent found the calander yet ... thats the website (if that dosent take you there go to a search engine and type in "chinese lunar calender" you will find one) Thanks for your help


No - June 5

The chinese calendar only works 50% of the time. So you might as well flip a coin.


C - June 29

Well, I heard it works 80% of the time... Also, I heard that you have to add a year to your age because in China when you are born, you are 1 year old.. Anyone else hear this??


sar - July 2

I also heard it was 80% accurate and it was dead on with me! I used my actual age (didn't hear about the 1 year thing) and sure enough... by baby boy is due on Wed.! It was also accurate for 3 other ladies that I worked with.


geeta narula - July 10

i have girl,who is 7 yrs old.Now i want to concieve again and expect a boy.Pls advice details.


Amy - July 10

yes it worked for me every time i have 3 kids and i even checked it for me and my husband and it was right to


No - July 10

Your age is different only if you are born in Jan. The Chinese New Year is on a different day in Jan each year. So sometimes someone born in Jan with have a different year depending when the Chinese New Year was that year.


No - July 10

So only certain sperm come out on certain days? It makes no sense, if you flip a coin you would have the same chances.


Ruth - July 11

Hi everyone,I have just been to a calender web site and worked out Myself,my 2 daughters and my husband and they were all spot on!! I am due in december with my third and would like a boy (although it is not that important as long as babe is healthy)Well I worked it out and yes it says boy.Im having a scan in 3 wks we will find out if poss what s_x the baby is so I will let you know if it is right or not.


Jenn - July 12

i just went to the website and it was correct for my little boy, i plan on trying to get pregnant this september and according to the chart i wil have another boy.


miki - July 12

My son was conceived in october when i was 19 so it was right then, i also checked it out for when my brother and i were concieved and it was right for my brother but it said that i should have been a boy and that is definitely wrong so im not sure how accurate it is on girls. For me, I am hoping to be pg, to early to tell yet, and i would have conceived on or about july second, i am wondering if you are right at the beginning or end of a month if i could go either way.


Ashley - July 13

It was right for me. But you add 9months on to your age.... because when you are born in china they are 9months.. i dont get it but thats what the instructions said lol


miranda - July 13

If it worked I would be a boy, both my sisters would be boys, and my daughter would be a boy. For what it's worth.


Barbara - July 16

It worked for me!!!!I had my baby boy on June 24th :O)


Jennifer French - July 16

It worked for my first child. I was 21 when I concieved, and concieved in the month of feb.


Jessie V - July 18

It said I would have a boy. I had my u/s today and it's a boy.


Ornella - July 20

I am curious if i am having a girl or a boy



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