Does Chinese Calander Work Lets Find Out

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cia - February 10

hi alicia hope your well. i just did that calender and said im having a planning on finding out from the doctors so will keep you posted.x


sandra-c - February 19

Its been wrong for all three of my children


sandra-c - February 19

just another thought - maybe its something to do with the fact that chinese prefer boy babies to girls lol


Starrman - March 1

The answer is no - it is not possible for a calendar to influence the chromosomes of fertilized ova. Before you start giving me any kind of pseudo-scientific answer involving astrology, please note that the building you are in has exponentially more gravitational influence on you than the moon - the closest large body in our solar system. It is the equivalent of flipping a coin.


Starrman - March 1

Also note that there are 322 possible combinations on the board, with 166 of them as Girls. Also note that the observed birth rate is 51% girls, which is the exact way the calendar breaks out the predictions. In other words - the calendar writer started with known data, then made the chart to line up with it. Coin flip.


katiekatjas1 - March 24

It didn't work for me, my daughter was conceived in feb when i was 25 and according to the calander she should have been a boy. She is a tom boy though lol! If i add a year then it is correct!


del4dave - April 13

i would say that the chinese calendar doesnt work that says im having a girl, everyone of my faily & friends have said that il have a boy but we will have to wait till my 20week scan around the 2nd week in may i think,


jaded_rose - April 13

I'm 39 weeks pregnant but the calendar said "girl" for me and i've had 3 u/s which all have confirmed girl. So.. it was right for me. However, it was wrong for my SIL. It said "boy" and she had a girl. It's all just coincidence i think.


heather32580 - April 16

yes it worked for me and everyone in my family. I told a friend about it and she planned to get pregnant by the months she would have a girl and she has a baby girl. So in my opinion it works


kady - April 17

Well i checked it out and it said that I'm having a boy and yes I am having a boy.I guess next time I'll use it to get my girl.


OneMoreTime - April 18

It was wrong with my 1st two kids. It says Congradulations It's a BOY with both of my girls. This time it says It's a GIRL!! I am 16 weeks prego with #3. I guess I will found out on 5-4-07!! I am hoping for a boy, so I hope it is wrong again!!


OneMoreTime - May 7

well, they told me its another girl!! If true, then it worked 1 out of 3 times for me.


hamil - May 22

i would like to know if too much thinking of problems while you're pregnant is bad for you and your baby's health. and if so, what harm could it be done to your fetus?


chickiepoo9 - May 22

its was right for both my babes a girl and a boy but for my sister it was wrong a few time i think it is just a thing of fun but i still looked at it for both mine


Dreamfusion - June 6

well with me my last period was Sept 5th, they said i had a boy i was 19 at conception, well ive had about 50 ultrasounds, all show a girl haha.


jodie - June 13

worked with my son, worked with my daughter



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