Does Chinese Calander Work Lets Find Out

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annie - August 18

i went on multiple websites and tried different calendars. they were 50/50. it seems that the "real" chinese ones convert to the lunar system - which does make a difference. we'll see. it worked with my daughter, though


AT - August 18

This calendar didn't work for my cousin. She had a boy but the calendar said she should be having a girl. So a bit of fun, no harm done!


AT - August 18

Always add one year to your age as Chinese people uses the Lunar calendar. When the Chinese baby is born, he/she is considered 1 year old. So when they have their first birthday they are celebrating their second birthday. A bit confusing that's how it works. So if you are 29, put 30 in.


... - August 19

have you actually flipped a coin 100 times to see if 50 times it lands on heads and 50 times it lands on tails?? I have for a biology cla__s.... if I remember correctly it land on tails more than it lands on heads... and the outcome of more tails than heads was consistant with each group that did this.... so flipping a coin isn't 50-50%.... just thought i would put that in there...


... - August 19

it says I am suppose to have a girl.. I am to find out soon... of course it isn't something that is 100% accurate... what really is??? Losts of tests and things can sometimes be wrong... just like advice to you might be something that would be totally wrong advice for me.... I would say it is more right than wrong though... and i think that is pretty weird considering it doesn't seem like a science or mathematical calculation or anything... it was right for my mom, 2 cousins, me and my 7 siblings, my sisters 2 kids, my fiance and his sister, 2 of my friends that are pregnant...... and maybe me... since everyone thinks I am going to have a girl... but I will find out in a few weeks whether it is or not.... i am not gonna rely on it though....


Rachele - August 20

Hey Hey... Well it worked for my first one which is a girl. Im due another one in March and it says Im having a boy. This method has worked on all of my friends children and used for many years with positive results. No matter what your having, GOOD LUCK to you all..........


Tracy - August 26

very confused my birthday is july 30 1971 do i have 2 add a year or not?


Rachna - August 31

Hi friends...I concieved at the age of 24 in the month of Mar and i have a baby it wasnt right for me.


Dustie - September 1

Didn't work for me!


Mikeala - September 1

Ive always heard that you use the age you are when the baby will be born and the month you concieved. Most of the chinese calendars have that as part of the directions. Many ppl get better results like that and its always right on. Goodluck to you with whichever you have.


LMFAO - September 2

Wow Babydoll, you seem a little upset. Its a crock of what? *snickers* Ive also seen two out there which say the same for me. MAKE SURE you are following the directions on them, some you have to add a year too. Goodluck which which ever you may have. Maybe the boy and girl results means TWINS...........


jason m - September 4

3/23/1980 what year in the Chinese calender


Meghann - September 5

It didn't work for either of my kids. I'm pregnant with #3 and it predicts I'm having a girl so we'll see!


Dustie - September 16

Didn't work in my case.


amber - October 2

that it seeming to be right on most of my friends who are pregnant or recently delivered. according to it mines a boy, but i'm only 9 weeks so we won't know for a while. it's still fun to guess though


Jenn - October 4

Of course i don't base what i buy or anything off of these calendars but they sure are fun. I have a 2 yr old boy thatboth the babyman and chinese calendar were right on, however this time around the chinese calendar says boy and babyman says girl, i'm testing on friday to see if i am pregnant but its fun to see what these sites say.



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