Does The DR Office Make You Feel Like

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Kelly - March 23

Oh I'm venting today.....I feel like I'm just another name on the patient list...what ever happened to service and patient care (or caring)....I had my first daughter 8 years ago and that doctor (in another state) knew me up and down!!! Today I had an appt at a diffrent office about 35 mins away...I get a call at 9:55 telling me that they have to reschedule cuz the doctor got called for delivery.....they wanted to reschedule me for next week, 6 days later and I'm 36.5 weeks pregnant!!!!! Obviously I was upset and this girl was just stupid and couldn't figure out how to fit me in today or tomorrow and kept insisting next Weds was the soonest....Well there's 6 doctors, 2 doesn't take a brain sergeon. So I demanded to speak to another person that could fit me in....SHE TRANSFERED ME TO VOICE MAIL, (oh I hate that) ....then I get a NASTY B*** that says, sarcastically, Oh well, I'm real sorry that the doctor had to deliver a BABY!!!!!!" So I tod her the smart ass comments were very inappropriate and uneccesary....I'm sceduled for a Csec in 2.5 weeks and it's important that I get the visit this week and NEXT...cuz then that 's it!!! She says, if you swear (smart ass comment) at me again I will not help you....OH MAN, now I'm fuming!!!!!!!! I get her boss next, and low and behold they can fit me in at the office near my house at 12:30!!! Well needless to say I'll be talking to a few folks next week about this....WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DAYS THAT WE WERE PATIENTS VISITING DOCTORS that get paid good money...Not VISITING GOD that has too much mooney to handle!!! UGGGGG that's for listening!!


Katie - March 23

They didn't have to reschedule me when my doctor was delivering a baby. When I got there, I just had to wait an extra 30 minutes...apparently my doctor runs back & forth all the time between appointments & deliveries. - You probably just ended up with a bad batch of medical staff. :(


Sarah25 - March 23

I switched doctor's right away when I started feeling like I was just another part of the paychecks. Luckily they showed their true colors right away and I got out quick. One time I waited in the office for 3 and 1/2 hours and in the room for another 1/2 hour. I thought I was going to go postal on the place I was so angry. I constantly had to talk to machines or the office manager (who tried giving medical advice) and I wanted to scream! I once sat on hold on the phone for 25 minutes, my entire lunch period, before hanging up and going back to work. And they didn't answer phones between 12 and 1. What, everyone in the office goes to lunch at the same time???? It was horrible. I feel your pain, Kelly!!


Kelly - March 24

Man , I sure wish I could switch doctors...but I'm sceduled for my c section in 2 weeks this monday!!! I'm afraid to tell the doctor how I feel about their business, because I don't want her nervous cutting me open HAHA!! But after I'll be sure to tell them what I think. The real sad thing is that for 6 years I saw a different doctor and 2 weeks prior to me finding out I was pregnant, the board took his license away (i thought it was a blessing in disguise) no relationship was ever created wit these doctors prior to my pregnancy...just a referral and a few friends that went to this doctor..Oh well this too shall pa__s!! thanks for commenting!!



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