Don T Feel Pregnant 11 Wks

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Jenn - May 15

I am 11 weeks pregnant and feel great. At first I was extremely tired and had cramping in my stomach. Also my chest is not sore at all. Now I have none of these symptoms. Is this normal?


jena - May 16

i'm also 11 weeks and the opposite of you, but can tell you that it's very normal to start feeling better as you approach your second trimester - you'll gain more energy, be less tired, etc. because your hcg levels are dropping (normal) at this point.


Kate - May 19

Jenn, I'm totally the same as you, I'm 11w4d and don't feel at all pregnant, I had some cramps, backache and b___st tenderness right at the beginning, but they only lasted for the first couple of weeks. In the UK you don't get any scans until 20 weeks, so I do get worried that I'm not really pregnant! I think it's normal for some people, I think we're just lucky, but it would make the pregnancy seem more real if we were getting some of the symptoms!


m - May 19

you need to inform your ob about it. He/She will probably want you to come in, possibly do an ultrasound to make sure everything is OK.


A - May 19

Jenn- I am 11 weeks tomorrow and the same exact thing is with me. I feel great. I had an early ultrasound on Monday to find out if it was twins and found the one single baby growing there. I'm sure it is fine.


Bree - May 20

I worry something is wrong bc I don't feel pregnant! All I have is sore b___bs. I'm 9 weeks and cannot wait to get in to the Dr. next week.


Danielle - June 7

I am also 11 weeks pregnant and do not have any pregnancy symptoms. I had an early ultra sound and you could see the tiny heartbeat. I also worry that something is wrong.


Christi - June 13

Jenn, I am 11 weeks and pregnant with twins (diagnosed on ultrasound). I was feeling a little nauseated and had some b___st tenderness, but these symptoms have seemed to pa__s in the past week. With my first pregnancy I felt great, no nausea. I wouldn't worry about it but if it would make you feel better, mention it to your OB and maybe you can have an ultrasound done. Good luck.


leigh - June 17

i feel exactly the same am 12 weeks and for the past week or so i dont feel pregnant had all the symptoms at first and a early scan at 9 weeks which showed the heartbeat go for my booking scan next wedso hpefull things are ok this site has helped ease my mind


Sara - June 20

I am 11 weeks too, and I have no symptoms at all. My stomach is just a little bloated but I still fit into my regular clothes. I was worried that I wasn't pregnant cause I haven't felt pregnant this whole time but I had an ultrasound done at 9 1/2 weeks and I saw the baby and the heartbeat.So don't worry, we're just lucky we have no symptoms.


sarah - June 20

it must be normal. Im statring my 11th week, I still fit into my normal clothes and my nausea and fatigue has basically disappeared. I dont want to feel sick but I wish I felt something!


Shanna - June 20

Sounds like I asked this question! Am 10 weeks and had some cramping, chest was slightly sore, feel sick one day and fine the next. Hate feeling like c___p but hate it even more when the symptoms go away!


Jessie V - June 20

I'm 15w and was making myself nuts because my chest doesn't hurt as much. I have also been able to make it through the last couple of nights without getting up to pee. I was soo freaked out I started to cry b/c I thought I was loosing my baby. I have heard my baby's heart beat 2X the last on June 7th. I know in my heart there is nothing wrong, I just want to feel the baby move so I can feel better.


ad - June 21

I am going on 14 weeks pregnant and my pregnancy symptoms ended about 11 weeks. I felt alot of strange painful cramping and convinced my doctor to let me get an ultrasound at 12 weeks ( the best experience of my life) I could not believe that baby was in there all that time and it was perfectly fine! Now I still dont feel like that baby is in there and havent gained any pounds at all, only widend a little. hopefully changes will happen soon. Good luck!


TaraM - June 22

Hi gals, Im 21 weeks pregnant and never had a pregnancy symptom was not sick no heartburn nothing is great I have never felt better than being pregnant. Man some of us are very lucky...


Worrier - June 22

I am also 11 weeks tomm and the only symptoms I have head are occasional headaches, and b___st tenderness in the very beginning. I worry sometimes that something could be wrong - because I feel too good!!! I have gained a few pounds and my jeans dont fit. However, I want to hear the heartbeat.


crystal - July 9

I am 13 weeks and I have other symptoms of pregnancy, but my b___st are no longer as sore as they were a couple of weeks ago. I went to my BO/GYN yesterday, I heard the baby's heart beat. I guess I am just worrying. Thank you for your advice. I do not feel so alone now.



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