Don T Feel Pregnant 11 Wks

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crystal - July 9

I am 13 weeks and I have other symptoms of pregnancy, but my b___st are no longer as sore as they were a couple of weeks ago. I went to my BO/GYN yesterday, I heard the baby's heart beat. I guess I am just worrying. Thank you for your advice. I do not feel so alone now.


Esther - July 9

I saw my period last on 15 of April and up till now.I just did test now and its negative.I don't know what to do


confused - July 11

I guess it's normal because I feel the same yet. Except now my b___st aren't really tender and they aren't growing anymore. I am 14 weeks now and dont have any symptoms besides headaches and ache. I am so scared.


Esther - July 11

I'm confused can the pregancy test showed negetive at 12 weeks if im not pregancy what's happening to my period.Someone help me out please


jane - July 15

esther this is for you so what you are saying you havent had a period for 12 weeks but the pregnancy test showed up negative do you no theres other reasons why you may not have had your period like stress or over or under weight.or coming of injections and even the pill when coming off that can take 3 months to get periods back best thing to do is see your docter


natalie - July 21

I am 12 weeks pregnant and I dont feel pregnant at all. I also had cramping and b___st tenderness in the beginning and now I dont really have anything. I guess its normal for some people. Im a little overweight...and my pants have not gotten any tighter yet or anything. Is that normal??


jd - July 21

ime 19 weeksand i still dont feel pregnant just big belly thats all it weird becuse my last 2 pregnancys was different i felt pregnant this time i dont


Erin - July 24

I just wanted to let you all know how lucky you are to be feeling so great! I'm 10 weeks and have been sooo sick with nausea, vomiting, aches and pains, headaches, just about everything that could feel bad does feel bad! And it hasn't really eased my mind that I'm having symptoms - I'm more worried about birth defects because I've lost weight and I'm scared that the baby isn't getting enough nutrition. :( My nurse-pract_tioner a__sured me that the baby will most likely be fine but I still can't help but worry.. my next appointment is in a week so HOPEFULLY I'll hear the heartbeat with a doppler and feel much better


Lesley - July 27

I just found out on Monday that I am 5 weeks pregnant. I was very excited. I was having light cramps and my b___st were sore but now I don't feel anything and I'm starting to think I'm not pregnant anymore, specially since I'm only 5 weeks and it is common to have a miscarriage. Should I wait a few more weeks to see what happens? please help!!


to lesley - July 27

ime 20 weeks pregnant now but i was 6 weeks pregnant when i fount out i had no symptons what so ever dont worry its to early you might have no symptons like me i had sore b___sts that was it then it went i felt like you i thought ime not pregnant so i understand what ur saying i still dont feel pregnant apart from the big belly its normal we are all different


djkaley - September 12

Thank God! I love you guys...I'm 11 weeks pregnant and other than terrible gas and sore b___sts I don't feel pregnant at all. I actually feel great. I have my NT Scan scheduled for this coming Friday and I just can't wait to see if everything is OK. Thanks for making me feel normal.


Tara B - September 23

Sounds like its hard for some women (me included) to not feel anxious or something might be wrong because you can t physically tell if we're pregnant. No baby bump, we can't feel the baby kicking and when we don't feel pregnant we tene to work ourselves up. First trimester is souch a sensitive stage, but we have to keep ourselves in good place and think positive and know eveything is ok. Then playing the waiting game for our next doctor visit is not fun.


HappyWifey - February 1

I am 7 weeks pregnant and haven't had any symptoms at all, if it wasn't for the 2 positive tests I wouldn't even believe I was pregnant. My first doctor visit is in 3 days, I can't wait for it be more real! haha



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