First Doctor Visit

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Cheryl - February 28

I'm almost 6 weeks pregnant and my doctor has yet to exam me. He has done two urine test but that is all. When did everyone else have their first prenatal visit?


j - February 28

8 weeks


Sarah - March 1

My gp stuffed up and didnt send my letter until i was 11 weeks now i cant get in to see the clinic until im nearly 16 weeks im so angry but there is nothing i can do


Kim - March 3

I'm in my 6th week and I won't see my doctor until week 9 or so for my first u/s. He doesn't even want to do a test to confirm that I am pregnant and is going by the hpt's. This is my first and the office is telling me that this is their policy unless I have any risks. I have read that most people go around week 8 for their first exam.


Jbear - March 3

I went at 6 weeks, but I'm high risk. I had to call around to find a doc that would see me that early. I've seen the doc twice, had an ultrasound and a pelvic exam, and some bloodwork. I'm 13 weeks now, and have another visit scheduled next week.


Angela - March 7

I'm 6 weeks along and not scheduled for a visit until 8 weeks


Katie - March 9

I went for my first visit at 5 weeks. I think one of the reasons that they took me in so quick was because I had never seen a gyno before.


Kelly K - March 10

I went the first time at 5 weeks, but only because I didn't know I was pregnant and already had that scheduled for my annual. Otherwise it would have been more around 8 weeks which is when I go back for my second ultrasound.


Nikki - March 15

my doc said ntil you have missed 2 periods they will not see you, i think its because there is that chance that something may happen the first trimester... i dont agree with it but just relax


momma 16 - March 27

wow that is really odd i got a pg test from the doc \he week i was late and they wanted me in the following monday for a blood test and then that wednesday for my first prenatal exam but scheduling conflicts made the appt's at 8 and 9 weeks which kinda upset them actually they wanted it to be sooner...sorry you guys r having such doctor issues


Eryn - March 28

I am 15 weeks and I am going to my first doctor's exam in two days. I went once over a month ago to confirm I was pregnant then they told me to come back in a month. I am a little nervous because I pa__s out everytime I get blood taken.


Vanessa stuck in Alaska - April 6

I'm Going in tomorrow for my first official appt. I'm 13 weeks. I think thats a little too late, Military doctors! Darnit!


KK - April 10

I am 5 weeks and my doctor won't see me until I am 8 weeks. This also makes me very nervous!


Lyn - April 14

Well I am 7 weeks and I can't find a doc who will see me now. Everyone says I have to wait until I'm 10 weeks. i'm wondering how do i know what vitamins and stuff I am suppose to take if they won't see me before then? isn't the first trimester crucial in the babys development?


Jena - April 14

I got seen, examined, and got a u/s at 6 weeks. Before that I had gone in 5 times for blood work because my hCG levels were off. But now that I'm preggo with twins, I will go in every two weeks! Usually you go every 4, my Doctor said. As for vitamins, you need extra calcium, iron, and folic acid - so you should definately be taking a pre-natal vitamin that can be found at almost any drug store or supermarket. You may also need an additional calcium supplement. GL!


Kristyn - April 19

They wouldn't see me for my first appointment until 8 weeks, so I asked about the prenatal vitamins. They said they would leave some "samples" at the front desk for me to pick up. I did, and they lasted until the appointment a few weeks later.


ursuls - April 19

When I called my ob they said their standard was 8 weeks. It stinks b/c you always worry that everything is okay until then.



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