First Time Pregnancy And Anxious

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a young mother-to-be - October 11

I just took a pg test today and it came back BFP! Now, I am really scared. I have no idea, really, of what to expect. I'd be about 4 1/2 weeks along, and I have many questions, such as, am I not supposed to lift heavy things? How heavy is too heavy? Do I call the Dr. right away? Are home pgt really accurate? (It read pg within seconds, which leads me to believe my levels are very high) What should I expect??? I'm just a little overwhelmed at the moment, and my darling husband wishes me not to tell people just yet about the pregnancy. (I think he wants to keep it between us for a little while) Any one able to "fill me in" on a few things? Maybe help to ease the nerves.


kendall - October 11

i would recommend to call the dr to make an appt. i took a hpt and it read pg right away within seconds and i was pg both times may i ask what brand you used?i used first for lifting anything heavy, don't strain yourself and find out what the dr says. i know that it is very difficult to keep something like this a secret its exciting. i had a m/c in dec and my b/f didn't want me to tell anyone till i was like 4 months (yeah right) now i am 21 weeks with a girl. good luck and congrats. and remember to relax for your little one if you're stressed your baby will feel it too


To Kendall - October 11

Thanks! I used clearblue, and like I said, it read "+" immediately--even before it reached the "control" section. I have another one, which I will take tomorrow morning, just to be sure! I hadn't thought about how my stress would affect my baby...I like the sound, "my baby."


kendall - October 12

so do i. when i talk about how i'm feeling or what i want, i refer to it as "us" or "we" and my b/f thinks i'm goofy


Jules - October 12

Well, I took another test this morning when I first woke up...BFP! (It turned within seconds again) I told my husband I must be "very" pregnant; he just laughed at me! :) He seems more excited this morning. Oh, I couldn't sleep last night, and I had been so tired. Any suggestions?


Steph - October 12

Jules, you best bet would be to go into the First Trimester will be able to chat with people who are also in their first trimester....good luck to you!! Also, you need to call you doc to make an appointment and you will probably be in to see the doc in 3-4 weeks, possibly longer. Also, make sure that you are taking prenatals, you can buy some at GNC for $10 or so....then when you see your doc he/she can give you a script for some. Congrats to you!



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