Full Body Pillows

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Kelly S - July 11

ok people have told me to get a full body pillow to support your belly and stop twisting and turning.? If anyone has one where did you get it? im looking and cant find one anywhere??


Seredetia - July 11

I found one at target.com and babiesrus.com if that helps. :) I think Walmart has them, too!


Tammy276 - July 11

I would check at Wal-Mart, Target, or Shopko...I have one, but I don't remember where I got it...I got it over 3 years ago...It really helps during pregnancy. I used it when I was pregnant with my son and it really helps to support your belly so you can sleep better..Good luck!


Kelly S - July 12

ah ha...! i got much more response from searching a snoogle. thats apparently what they called lol.. much easier


mrs. d - July 12

I bought the comfort u pillow early in my pregnancy and it is awesome!!! It was the best purchase I have ever made and worth every penny. I'm now 34 weeks and have absolutely no problem sleeping. This is where I ordered it from: http://www.sitincomfort.com/comubodsuppi.html


krnj - July 15

Hi I used a snoogle pillow when I was prego and I think it did help. I ordered it from the same website as Mrs. D. Good luck!


tealtater - July 16

Hm... I never heard of a body pillow helping with pregnancy... This is my first, I think. Haven't been to a doctor yet... haven't even told my parents yet. I'll remember the pillow thing though. Thanks for the advice. (even though kudos should go to me for even reading it... lol.. glad I did though... I've started having problems sleeping.)


taterbaby - July 24

My dh bought me a maternity body pillow (Grow to Sleep Adjustable Body Pillow by Leachco) when I was just a few months pregnant. It is by far the best purchase he could have made. I haven't really had any problems sleeping. We went out of town overnight about 1 1/2 months ago and I didn't take it with me. Huge difference. I barely slept at all. The other thing that is nice is that it comes apart for washing. Each end is basically a seperate "boppy" pillow and they are connected by an additional cushiony area to support your tummy or back. It has definitely been a life saver, especially now that I have really expanded.


taterbaby - July 24

It's kinda pricey compared to some of the others (around $65) but totally worth it!!!


afwife - July 29

babies r us sells those "C" shaped pillows. the snoogle, i guess they're called. i have the full body pillow, which i stumbled upon at wal-mart one day. but the snoogle would support your back, too......that would be nice. you will definitely need something, though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck getting some sleep.



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