Getting Pregnant After Birth Control Pills

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heather - March 26

I have been taking birth control pills for about 6 years, how long do you think it would take me to get pregnant if i stop taking them?


Lynn - March 27

It all depends on your body. I was on bc for 11 years, went off & was ovulating the next month. My cousin was on for 10 years, went off & it took her almost 9 months to start ovulating...


Heidi - March 28

I was on bc for 15 years and started ovulating the next month. I got pregnant the second month. but I think this just depends on your body b/c I have heard a lot of people say a minimum of 6 months.


Laura - April 1

I was on the pill for 10 years, I went off and got pregnant 3 weeks later, it took my mom 9 months to get pregnant after being on the pill for 5 years. I guess there's no way to tell how long it will take, just be patient and good luck.


toni - April 1

it took me 1 1/2 months


Melinda - April 11

I was on the pill for 11 years and it took me 7 months to get pregnant. I was actually surprised at how long it took, because before I was on the pill, I had 4 unplanned pregnancies. It seemed to take longer to get pregnant once I was ready and wanting to do so, but it still wasn't too long, considering how long other people have to wait.


samantha - April 12

do you become more fertile after you stop using bc


Candy - April 13

I was pregnant within 2-3 months. Much faster than I was expecting.


Whitney - April 13

I was on the pill for 8 years, when I went off, we got prego on the first try!


babyonboard - April 18

i am 9 weeks pregnant and got pregnant whilst taking birt control!i wwas always regular so this came as a happy i guess there are no real rules...perhaps when you actually stop taking it your body goes through changes which take a while to settle before you can concieve, but im not sure..i guess my baby just slipped through the net..he he


Melissa - April 18

I went off the pill in October and it's April 18th, and I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I thought it would take longer. I was on the pill for about a year and half. But I guess everyone is different.


Jess - April 21

I went off tge pill and had one period and then got pregnant only to miscarry between 10-11 weeks. I am currently ttc, have had 1 cycle since m/c and d&c.


sarina - May 3

I was on birthcontrol and i was having un protected s_x can i be pregnant


steph - May 18

i was on the patch went off of it and a week later i was pregnant now three years later my husband and i want to have another one so i went off the pill and months later still nothing.


L - May 19

I came of of the pill in Jan 05, had a period 49 days later - no ovulation and am now on cycle day 81 but actually ovulated on cycle day 76 - I'm crossing my fingers now BIG TIME!


Traci - June 10

I am getting married in November and want to get pregnant soon thereafter, but I don't want to be before. I have been taking the pill for 8 years. When should I stop taking the pill?


Jen - June 14

You can get pregnant immediately after stopping birth control! It all depends on your body and when it regulates itself. There is really no guarantee, and its hard to plan the exact moment of conception.



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