Greenish Discharge

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AAB - November 30

Hi, I'm 8wks pregnant and lately I've had a greenish/kind of clumpy discharge. Is this normal? I don't have it all the time just once in a while I'll notice on tp. Sorry if tmi.


AAB - November 30

Anybody out there?


anita - December 1

i don't think that is normal. in fact, that sounds like it could be an STD. i may be wrong, but if it smells bad too, then it probablly is an STD. you should make an appt. for your first prenatal checkup ASAP.


AAB - December 1

my appt is for dec. 14th. I've never had unprotected s_x before and I've only been wiith 2 guys. A long term boyfriend and my now husband. It can't be an std. It's new and has something to do with pregnancy.


jennifer - December 1

sounds like an STD to me


Stephanie - December 1

AAB is it kinda mucusy? Kinda like snot? If it is it's probably some of your mucus plug. I had the same thing happen to me around that same time. Don't worry, if that's what it is it comes back.


AAB - December 1

Yes, Stephanie- it is kinda like snot. Is it just the mucous plug forming??


Stephanie - December 1

AAB I am not a doctor so I don't know what it was.....I can tell you that when I was as far along as you 7-8 weeks I went to the bathroom one day and when i wiped I had a snotty looking disharge on the was kinda greenish. When I went to the doc they told me is was most likley the mucus plug. If you lose some of it, it will replenish itself.....I wouldn't worry to much about it....Have they tested you for everything else.....std's etc?


mama-beans - December 10

Hello! Actually, this is not uncommon during pregnancy. It can be either a bad yeast infection or a bacterial infection which is the opposite of the yeast infection. You wouldn't even have to see your doc, you could just start out with a yeast infection home kit and if that doesn't work see your ob and he will give you what is basically the same thing only for the bacterial. Really not a big deal though, as long as you have no other danger signs like fever, pain and all that. Keep us posted!


kate - December 10

make sure that you see your dr! In your 1st trimester you are usually not supposed to take an over the counter yeast infection medicine-it can be absorbed or something. I had one my my 1st trimester and I had to take a low-dose antibiotic.


Jbear - December 11

If it's green, sometimes it can be bacterial vaginosis. You should talk to your doctor about it. It's nothing serious as long as it's treated.


AshleyB - December 11

Are there any other symptoms to these things you guys are talking about? Because I don't have any discomfort and itching or anything. Its been a while since I posted this thread and its now a little more yellowy white. Not so green.


to Ashley B - December 11

You can have bacterial vaginosis and have little or no symptoms. It can be common in pregnancy...I had it and the Dr said that it was from all of the hormones. I just had to take an antibiotic and it went away. No big deal. But left untreated it can lead to premature rupturing of your membranes.


LMT - March 7

AAB - Just wondering if you have gotten an answer from a doc about your yellowish discharge?? I am 29 weeks pregnant and have the same thing and when I have s_x it's more abundant!! sorry tmi!!


reason0307 - March 9

Ashley B and LMT What were your symptoms before you found out you were actually pregnant?Did you go to the doctor and take a urine or blood test?The reason I am asking is because I haven't had my period since January 2 and it's been 2 months.I went to the doctor to take a urine test and it came backnegative so I was told to take a blood test.I take that Monday,I am hoping for a positive test.


AshleyB - March 9

Hi, I saw this thread and was going to comment and then realized it was mine from so long ago....LOL. Well, when I went to the doc, they just said it was very normal and that it was most likely the mucous plug. But I had my first u/s on Dec 27th. I was 11wks and there was no heartbeat. Also the baby only measured 81/2-9wks. We checked again 3 days later and still no hb so I had to have a d&c. It was a missed m/c. We were devastated. But dh and I are much better now and ttc again. This will be our 2nd month ttc again since the m/c. Cross your fingers for us! Thanks


skylersmom - March 14

im sorry to hear about that. ive been through it before, its awful. good luck and god bless!



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