Having A Baby Thats From You Second Cousin

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Victioria - April 10

If I have a baby that is from me and my second cousin would the baby be born with any kinds of problems?


angel - April 10

id advise u to talk to ur doctor about it. Hed know alot more information about it and u could do genetic testing


Lauren - April 11

As with Angel, i'd advise you to see a doctor. The actress Greta Scacchi had a baby boy to her cousin Carlo Mantegazza in 1998 and everything turned out ok genetically so it can be done. Good luck.


Erin1979 - April 12

We have friends that married a first cousin. They all have perfectly normal kids. As the others said, I would speak to an MD.


kelley32 - April 15

Dr. Phil just had a show about this last week and he said there is no more a chance of birth defects with second cousins then with a couple unrelated at all.Good luck


lindsay - April 16

it has a lot less to dowith the sheer fact you're related and much more to do w/ the chance that you both may carry certain genes, chromosonal disorders, etc, whic just simply presents the chance of those becoming a dominent gene in your child... it's not just because you're related but perhaps your doc could run certain tests to see if you and your cousin share any of these "problem" genes to put your mind at ease if you are really worried? i'm sure they can't test for all but maybe they'll go above and beyond the routine preg tests if they are concerned at all.


venus_in_scorpio - April 21

just have the doc test you and your man for whatever you need to check for and it's ok. it can be okay! :oD


HannahBaby - April 22

this was on dr phil just the other day!!! The truth is that even first cousins have the same risk of having a baby with problems as a normal couple, its really brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters (ew, i know) that have to worry about genetic defects. So congrats....i guess


motherlove - April 26

According to Dr. Phil no, but i would talk with ayour dr about it...good luck


sonia989 - May 25

i have worked in a genetics lab where they do prenatal tests. There are diseases like cystic fibrosis for example, where both parents can be asymptomatic carriers of 1 defective gene each. If the baby gets 1 defective gene with CF from each parent, s/he will have the disease. The risk is increased if there are genetic mutations in the family and 2 relatives conveive a baby, because there is a higher chance than normal that both parents will be carrying a defective gene, which will result in an affected baby. So, this would be a definite concern if there were genetic mutations in your family.


sophiya_john - May 26

Hi,My DH's sister is married to her first cousin and they have a Downs child. I don't know it has anything to do with marrying cousins. Just wanted to tell you.


skylersmom - May 27

am i the only one that thinks this is odd?


skinnyminny - May 27

yeah u are. Or maybe you're not, but you are the only one mean enough to comment negetively on her situation, esp. since you have no background information.


Tammy276 - May 28

No, you are not the only one who thinks this is odd....I find it quite odd myself. Where did she post negativly? She's just responding saying she thinks its odd. Sorry, but not many people sleep and have kids with there second cousin. If you think there could be problems with the children, why would you even take the chance?


anon - May 28

I also find it odd. Actually I thought of it a long time ago but did not post. I am not trying to be rude but I would not do this. Unless she did not know which is very possible.


skylersmom - May 28

thanks you guys. i was also talking about the post right before mine as well. the cousins who are married. i wasnt really trying to be negative but sorry, its gross to me and i was just wondering if i was the only one. people were just talking about it like it was no big deal.


mandee25 - May 28

Not to be rude but I don't think it's natural. There's so many other people out there to fall in love and have babies with.......that are not in your family tree......good luck though........



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