Hcg Levels Sooo Low

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ALLURE - March 8

My hcg are not rising properly, but i am still hoping for the best. This is my second fresh cycle ivf. My levels came as follows, 17.2, 24, 38, they were two days apart...my next beta...is 4 days later on 3/10, which will determine the outcome. Do I am any bit of chance? Has anyone out there had a take home baby with such levels...it doesn't look good, I still keep hope....please advice.


channy - March 23

i also have gone thorugh IVF this is my second time i had a day 5 transfer on the 27th Feb and my 1st test was on the 10th march with a low level of hcg at 50 i started bleeding the next day and they wanted me to go back on the 14th which my levels had droped to 41 so again they asked my to go back for another blood test 6 days later 20th my levels had gone from 41 and jumped to 251 i am very confused my this stage so again a blood test today 23rd and my levels have gone to 583 but being 6 weeks they should be alot higher i am very confused and have to go back in 4days, I hope everything goes well for you, and good luck


Rain - March 23

I am sorry to hear that I am going thru the same thing. Well I just need alittle information> my last period was 2/14/06 and this month I took a test on 3/17/06 at home which it gave me a light positive line so I waited 3 more days and went to a crisis center to take another one on 3/20/06 which it came up positive. well the following day I started bleeding and went to the ER and they say my HCG level is 33 and I am schedule to take one today to see if I am actually miscarrying or the pregnancy is fine.I just don't understand what the levels mean if it is 33.


channy - March 24

they say any level over 0.5 is positive but they also say that if u would be around the 4 weeks mark the level should be over 100 and it should double every 2 or 3 days e.g 100 today in 2 days 200 another 2 days 400 ect ect.. i have also herd of some cases in which women have been 6 weeks pregnant and only had a level of 11 but that is rare. i keep my fingers crossed for u i know the feeling all to well as i miscarried today, Has your doc sugested that is could be a bio chemical pregnancy?? which means the embrio is there and making your body produce the hcg hormone but the embrio isnt growing? and that in time u will miscarry. but i hope in your case your hcg is just low and have nothing to worry about, Good luck!


sonia989 - May 25

I've been going through this as well. I had an IVF with frozen eggs. 2 weeks pt, my hcg was only 35 and it didn't look good. 3 days later it was 77, but since then it has been doubling every 2 days and is now at 2145 9 days later. They did a scan and saw a sac, but nothing more so far. I have no idea what the odds are of this working out. I'm so stressed out I can't even be happy about being pregnant.


Tammy276 - May 26

Don't get stressed out, it's not good for you, and the baby!! Just wish for the best. If your levels are that high, it sounds good!! Good luck!!



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