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tinystar - September 2

can someone tell me why this happening i feel alot of movement when im sitting up and laying down on my back and i went to the doctor and the pg test said overweight and have pcos and i had sore br___t back here about 2months ago and very nauseaed when i would wake up and also not sleeping good on stomach anymore thats how i used to sleep but now it hard to do.i feel movement everyday and br___t are getting how long does it take to see a dark line on the stomach and do everyone get them?i also drunk alot of water before i had the test done and i have heard that it will make the test neg.if there is anyone out there knows about this please send me an answer. thanks tinystar


Gena - September 2

Did you miss a period? How long ago?? I have pcos as well. I'm 22 weeks and I do not have a dark line and not everyone does. I just now starting to feel movement about 2 weeks ago. I've never heard about the water thing making it negative. Good luck to you.


Tammy276 - September 2

drinking water isn't going to turn a test negative...have you missed any periods? If not, and you have a neg. test, then I would say you are not pregnant.........If you would think you are only 2 months pregnant, you are definately not feeling your baby move, I am 10 weeks and right now, my baby is only about the size of a grape....the earliest you would be able to feel movement would be around 16 weeks and that would be if you have had a baby before and know what it feels like. Not everyone gets dark lines, but if they do, they normally don't start showing up until about 1/2, 3/4 way through the pregnancy.


tinystar - September 3

ok let me correct myself tammy276i was sick alot in june and july and slept alot and now im spotting and having alot of movement now but it wasnt there at first it just started about a month ago and one of my friends told me about the neg preg test and she has 5 kids and the same happen to her with her last two she didnt find out she was preg until she was 41/2 months so thats why i asked that.


Tammy276 - September 3 when was your last period? Unless you are 16-20 weeks pregnant, you would not be able to feel the baby move, it would be could just be gas bubbles that you are feeling....Maybe if you are having problems you should just go toyour doctors andhave them do a blood test and a pelvic exam.....if you aren't getting your period and you aren't pregnant, then there could be something else seriously wrong.


tinystar - September 3

hi gena yes i have missed periods and they are not the same as before and im spotting brown blood and i had a cycle in june but nothing until 3wks ago when i started spotting. i have also noticed that my waste line is leaving and nothing fits anymore if i am i have to be at least 31/2 moths now or 4 btu i am having alot of movement and not in the same spot it's all over when it happens.


Tammy276 - September 3

if you are only 3 1/2 months, you are NOT feeling the fetus move!! it would be way too early!!


tinystar - September 3

my last cycle was in june and it was like it suppose to be.i started spotting on and off and it is brownish .i feel movement everyday and it is not ever the same feeling sometimes it feel like something kicking and sometimes it feel like its moving around and i feel heart beat when i lay down and it beats hard to this must sound crazy!


tinystar - September 3

so whats the earliest that it can be felt then i have been pregnant before and lost it at 6months and i started feeling it at 14 wks and the doctor told me then it was to early but it happens


Gena - September 3

Normally they say you do not feel movement until about 16 weeks but if it's a second pregnancy they say you know what it feels like from having a child before so you are familiar with it. If you are feeling movement and you think you are at about 4 months or 3 and a half, you would be feeling flutters and not kicks. I'm sorry but I'm not sure what to tell you. If you're 4 months pregnant you should def. be getting a positive test somewhere. Also if they would do an ultrasound they would have to see something if you're as far along as you think you are. So if you really think you are pregnant, then call your Dr. back and demand an ultrasound. How old are you, just curious? Good luck to you and don't forget to keep us informed.


Mommy_to_be - September 3

The heartbeat you feel in your stomach when you lie down is probably your aortic pulse, I have the same's not the baby's heartbeat. In the early weeks of pregnancy it is possible to get a negative preg test if you urine is really diluted (by water or whatever else), but if you are far enough along to be feeling "movements" than it shouldn't matter how much you drink. Take an at home preg test with the first urine of the day...if that's are most likely not pregnant. Good luck


Tammy276 - September 4

I am 10 weeks and my last AF was June are not feeling a baby moving in you unless you are further along...I have gas bubbles sometimes that feel like a baby kicking, but its not, it is just that, gas!! And also, you would not be able to feel your babys heartbeat through your stomach, you are feeling your own heartbeat. If you are concerned, go to your doctor and get a blood test or a pelvic exam, they will be able to tell you just by a pelvic if you are pregnant or not.


Tammy276 - September 4

Oh yeah, good idea Gena about the u/s......I would suggest that over anything....the u/s won't lie...if there is something in there, it will definatly show on a u/s. Good luck!!


tyler0323 - September 5

if you are pregnant, the movements you think you feel could just be gas, and you definatly dont feel the babies heart beat, that dosnt happen anytime in a pregnancy. i would definatly suggest a test or go to your doc to see whats happening. gl


happy_go_lucky - September 6

Dear Tinystar, *please keep in mind I am not a nurse or doctor-my advice is given through experience only. I had 5 misscariages and two babies---first of all-it is VERY possible that lots of liquids can dilute your hcg hormone and offset a test. The best time to take a test is in the morning when you wake up. Before you go to the bathroom, take your test with your overnight urine you woke up with. Second-even at two months, it is too soon to feel movement. Usually, movement can be felt around the 16th week of pregnancy, sometimes the 14th week, depending on the size of the person and the fetus. Third and foremost-you can actually create false syumptoms of pregnancy such as nausea, etc. I would advise you to get one more test, and do not take it until you have awakened from a night's sleep. Even if your test comes out positive, *YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR OBGYN FIRST AND FOREMOST!!! have an hcg blood test done-that is a tried and true evidential test that will determine your pregnancy, and how far along yu may be. I hope thishelps, and if you would like to talk to me personally, me email is [email protected] Good luck and stop stressing :)


Soon_To_Be_Mom - September 9

I am 22 years old and this is my first pregnancy I am 18 weeks pregnant today and I've been having what I think are movements but not for sure. I'm a plus size woman and also been having sharp lower back pains already does this mean my baby is kicking me in the back or is it because of my weight plus the extra weight from the baby?



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