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BrandiH - October 5

I ovulated 5 days ago and had unplanned unprotected s_x that day. Anyway for the last few days I've been exhausted, eating everything, headaches, a little bit of dizziness, lots of feeling sick that comes and goes and now I have gas (that I don't normally) some CM yesterday and started cramping this morning and it hasn't gone away, I'm not expecting AF until the 15th. Could this really be signs of pregnancy? I thought it might be too early for symptoms, how long after ovulation did you start having symptoms?


kendall - October 6

I dont really know when I ever ovulated, I just knew I was pregnant, couldnt brush my teeth without gagging, felt sick to my stomach and I was only 4 days late, my period is like clockwork every 28 days. I took a pregnancy test I got at the 99 cent only store and it was positive. Good luck


jezebel1018 - October 6

omg brandih me too! i ovulated on the second and did the every other day s_x thing, including the second and i completely forgot about it except yesterday i came home from work at 5:30 pm and slept straight through until 8 am today. i woke up only 1 hour to eat at 11pm and fell right back asleep exhausted. today i was a little nauseous but whats getting me is i feel crampy, like im getting my period and my nipples are KILLING ME. im sure its too early for symptoms but i dont know.


BrandiH - October 7

What I'm starting to believe the more I read is that the more in tune with your body you are the early you feel the symptoms. I've become in tune because my friends always said I get everything 10 times worse than everyone else and they are right. So I try to catch things before they get too bad. I don't see why this would be any different.


jezebel1018 - October 7

i dont see why not. right now i feel like i normally do 3 days into my period, cholicy crampy and have a ma__sive headache. i dont know what is going on.


sarah21 - October 8

Well some women are really sensitive and have symptoms quickly. I had sore b___sts at about 2 weeks past ovulation (when I took my test and had a positive), and then at 4 weeks past ovulation I started with the morning sickness. It depends on your cycle though-- I have a 28 day cycle.



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