Help With PCOS PLEASE Share Stories

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patty - January 26

i am 30 yrs old-ttc for 1 year and just discovered i have bad PCOS. please share your stories because i really need some hope. my appt with my specialist is jan 26 to discuss the medicatons i should take. i already went for a transva___al and blood work. what medications did you take and how long did it take to conceive. please share !


Katie - January 30

I am 23 yrs old and I was diagnosed last year in Jan. 05 w/ PCOS. I had been taking birth control since I was 17 yrs. old and when I got off of it in Dec. 04, I didn't have a period in Jan. 05, so I went and got an ultra sound and sure enough it was cysts on my ovaries. Depressing as it may be don't get discouraged. I took provera off and on til november 05, had a period w/ that on Dec. 05'...a very lite one. And This year I decided not to take anymore provera..I wanted to try to have my period naturally. Well, that period never came so, I took a pregnancy test JUST to make sure. (even though I had wasted money on those things in the past) And guess what?! I am pregnant! It's been a year of trying...and pessimistic doctors saying it would take a long time. Hey, I love my doc and all but takes ALOT of prayer and faith...or even that hard word.."patience". Don't give up! It will happen in time..just wait and see.


Hannah - February 1

Patty, make sure your dh gets tested as well. very often it is not the woman who has a problem (even if you have PCOS). I was diagnosed with PCOS after years of not understanding what was wrong with my cycle. Just found an amazing GYN and he did all sorts of work upson me. I am now 29 weeks pregnant. It is very possible, good luck.


Tracy - February 4

I am 33 and was diagnosed about eight years ago after very irregular periods (I think the longest I have gone without a period is ironically nine months). I was given the contraceptive pill Dianette to regulate my periods but was told this was purely cosmetic and the fact I was having regular periods did not mean the underlying problem was in any way resolved or improved. I came off the pill in Nov 2001. By Jan 2004, we decided to be more proactive about getting pregnant. I was referred to a fertility clinic by my GP. The consultant at the clinic took blood tests, I had an ultrasound and had an internal exam. These tests confirmed PCOS and that I had no other nasties. I was prescribed Duphaston (to induce my period) and Clomid (for ovulation) in Aug 2004 and fell pregnant the same month. Unfortunately, I miscarried at nine weeks, but I don't believe this had anything to do with the PCOS or medication, just one of those things. After a couple of months, we tried again and again I became pregnant on the first cycle. I am now 38 weeks pregnant and looking forward to the birth of our first baby. On both occasions, I didn't expect it to happen so quickly so didn't stress about it. We also had double the s_x recommended!! I am in the UK so I'm not sure whether the same medication would be available to you, or called something different, but I'm sure your doctor would know. Good luck!


nanny03 - February 7

I just recenlty had a miscarriage...on friday I was having alot of bleeding w/ clots plus some cramping. so i went to the E.R. and sure enough it had already happend, my baby had pa__sed. So, now I am recovering from my D& I am feeling alot better. I'll probably go back to work tomorrow. Thanks Tracy for your reply..b/c now I have HOPE for another lil miracle. I know having that miscarriage was heart was for me, but me and my husband are going to try again asap. anyone going through tough times...KEEP your head up! I am...


? - February 9

Can I please ask what does PCOS stand for, and what is it??


Tracy - February 9

Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome. Without going into too much detail (and every case seems to be different) your ovaries become covered in small cysts, you have imbalanced hormones and can also have the following; irregular/no period, fertility problems, bad skin, overweight, excess hair. However, it is possible to have PCOS with all or none of these symptoms (I consider myself lucky to just have irregular periods/fertility issues). I was initially diagnosed from a blood test which showed the hormone imbalance. This was confirmed by an ultrasound of my ovaries. Apparently, PCOS affects approx 10% of the female population (in the UK).


Tracy - February 9

To nanny03. Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I honestly believe that when I had mine, it was because the baby had not developed properly or there was something drastically wrong with it which caused my body to reject it. It just wasn't mean't to be. Good luck with your next pregnancy, the first 12 weeks will drag on like you wouldn't believe and you'll worry about the same thing happening again. The only advice I can give is; try again when you feel ready (I thought, the sooner the better). Try to put the m/c behind you - its happened, there's nothing you can do about it. Keep yourself as healthy as possible and enjoy trying to get then being pregnant! All the best


? - February 9

Thankyou Tracy for explaining that, and im sorry about your fertility problems =(


mommietobe - April 4

Hi Patty, I'm 31 yrs. old and have very bad PCOS. I was diagnosed at 18. My husband and I tried for five yrs to get pregnant and nothing happened. I couldn't afford to get testing, fertility treatment. I started doing my own research and found many woman were able to get pg just by losing weight and changing their diet. I I lost forty pounds and cut out almost all carbs and sugars and got pg. My son is almost two. After I had him , my periods went back to being crazy, but I found out I'm pg again, due in July. Hang in there, and get as much info you can . I hope you get pg soon!


anon - May 5

Can PCOS cause b___st milk also? My b___st are much bigger than they were and I can squeezed milk out of them?


anon - May 5

Do they use the blood test to check for andogren(male hormone). I am not ttc but I do have a problem that the doctors are not trying to solve. Did anyone get diagnose only from an irregular cycle or were there any other indications?



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