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Michelle - March 24

I have a quick question - I just found out I was pregnant - but the real last period I had was Dec 25th - I then conceived and had a miscarriage on the 10th of February - do I count the miscarriage as my LMP to determine due date?


Robyn - March 24

Jennifer, you could probably test this weekend to see if your pg - good luck!Michelle - they will probably use your m/c as your LMP, but they will do an ultrasound to determine the size and that will give a good idea of the dates - congrats!


Rosie - March 24

my last period was on 02/26/06 and i just found out i'm pregnant how far along am I?


numba1cutie6t9 - March 24

there are many due date calculators online. search google


janet - March 30

for anyone who wants to know how far along they are or their due date, go to this website: Thanks Tray for providing this link and making it super easy to find!!!


vally - March 31

i just found out i was pregnant with a home pregnancy test on the 16th and i called my dr. and she said that by the symptoms she thinks i'm 7-9 weeks, who knows i don't feel pregnant but i haven't gotten my period since the first of feb. that was the first day of my last period, and there are no signs of period. i have my first appt. on the 3rd of this month and i'm crossing my fingers but if anybody knows anything about what might be happening or something similar please let me know, thanks


mayra - April 9

i took a pregnancy test on the 16th of march and the first day of my last period was on feb.1st so i had my first appt. on April 3rd and on friday the doctor just told me that i had a miscarriage but i'm still milking, & i've vomited 2ce this week after the appt. the same thing happened to my cousin and she had her baby just fine we even bled the same and she was also waiting for her miscarriage and nothing ever happened to her can somebody please help me if you know anything about this


mommytobe18 - December 31

you should have already had your baby


laura19 - January 22

hi i found out i was pregnant but dont now how many weeks i am im due on the 1 of augest can any 1 tell me how many weeks i am


mommy716 - February 7

when was your last period?


Paige - March 9

How far am I in my pregnancy? My last period was January 21st?


a__slicker - May 20

i am pregnant and my last period was 2/29/07 how far along am i?


Anathi - June 18

How far am I my last af was 27-02April pls help I'm so confused


Anathi - June 19

Ladies help!


lilLanni - July 5

My cycle currently had NEVER been the same ( 21- 31 days) i got marriage( April 5th '08) After the married we always used condom everytime we have s_x. But my husband had to go back to Canada( where he live and work) week after married( April 12 '08). I moved to Canada on May 11th '08. So during the time apart we never had s_x. But about 3 weeks after move in with him i feel so sick, i couldnt eat anything. So he took me to the doctor on May 27th, 08. But the test is Negative. but i keep feeling headache and tired, i couldnt sleep for the next couple nights. So he took me to the doctor again on june 11th '08 and the test is possitive. the doctor as for my last LMP. i know i did have period like a week or 2 after my husband go back to canada but i dont remember the exactly days. i didnt think it was important so i told him it was March 27th '08 ( the second last period) . On june 24th'08 i have an ultrasound. And the doctor told me i've been pregnant for 7week5days. Which confused me very much. If you count from the day of my LMP , it was 12weeks and a few days already. but if you count from the day we been together since may 11th. It only been six weeks and a few days. And my husband think the baby is not from him. Which hurt me very much. There is a no chance that I have been pregnant on other is impossible. I dont know how to explain to him or do anything. i've been Stress so much lately, and i know it not good for the baby. Please help me.


schreck - July 5

Sounds like you got pregnant right after you moved to Canada. They included about 2 weeks before you get pregnant in how far along you are. So, although the ultrasound sound said you were 7 weeks you had only been pregnant for 5.



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