How Long Did It Take For You

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anonym - September 12

I wonder how long did it take for you to get pregnant, how many months or maybe years? Thanks, anonym


Alycia - September 12

Second month off the Pill. I was VERY lucky.


Rachel - September 13

A month after I stopped using protection


Amy - September 13

1st time 1month 2nd time 19months 3rd time 3months 4th time 8months 5th time 1month


kim - September 17

1st time 4 month 2nd time 10 month after stopping the depo injection.


randi - September 17

they say up to 6 months for normal healthy couples, keep trying good luck and God bless. remember God always hears your prayers. pray


L - September 18

The first time about 6 months after being on the pill but I had a m/c. After that about 4 months and so far everything's fine with this one. Good luck!


marlene - September 19

last depo shot was aug 2004 got preggo july 2005.this is my 1st


J - September 20

Started ttc March 2005-pregnant in May- miscarried July... started ttc again August- now 6.5 weeks pregnant.


Me - September 27

I've been trying for 4 1/2 years, and FINALLY, it's happened!


Suebecca - September 29

I was off the pill since July and got pregnant in September... so it only took us 1 month ttc. We are very lucky.


mom2faith - October 7

Hi there, we started trying in 1994 and finally last october 31st we concieved natrually without any help from doctors, we now have a healthy 2 month old baby girl. we chose the perfect name for her.


Jenn - October 7

The first month we started trying it happend. which was end of aug beginning sept. I am now 6 weeks pregnant.


JB - October 9

All three times, within the first month.


Shannon - October 9

3 weeks after i stopped taking the pill... this is rare though


Renewed - October 9

Did any of you time your s_x?


DC - October 10

I was off BC pills for a little over a year or two. We were never careful and never pulled out, Just now conceived. During this took one round of clomid NO HELP!!! Never charted temp or cervical mucus to see if ovulating. It just happened. Dont try so hard. It will only frustrate you. Let GOD do his work. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!



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