How Long For You To Get Pregant After The Depo

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tracy - August 7

me and my boyfriend been trying to have a baby but i was on the shot for 3year and just stop taking them .


joella - August 4

i stopped taking the shot in june of 2003 but i am 6 weeks pregnant now. it took 6 months to even get my period


Theresa - August 7

After I went off the Depo Shot, I bled non stop for several months, then when my Doctor gave me medication to stop the bleeding, I ended up pregnant.It was about 8 or 9 months after I recieved the last shot. Good luck


Tanya - August 7

I was due for my last depo by july6th, i went off cuz i needed to refill myRx, had no money at the time, now i have decided to stay off, I was on for almost three years, i read some horrifying stories today regarding infertility and the depo, I am totaaly freaked, i really want more children, i have 2 now, ages 8 and 7, I have an appoitnment with the DR for PAP anf to discuss clomid... used by many women to get preganat after depo. wish me luck, I am also tracking my cycle daily on a website, i haven't had a period or ovulation yet!! And good luck to you!


Dez - September 23

good luck to all of you trying to get pregnant after that dam depo shot. It took me almost 4 years of trying, calculating ovulation, waiting for normal periods, series of doctors tests, and finally just giving up to become pregnant. I am now 32 weeks pregnant it with a baby girl that i have been waiting for, for so long, the only thing is that when it happened I really wasnt prepared. It is really hard to tell when one can actually get pregnant after the depo, I never got a real answer as to why i couldnt from my dr. they ran test and everything looked fine, i was finally having regular periods (after 2 years of being off the shot) but still no baby. Just be patient, I set myself up for dissapointment so many times, thinking this was it im pregnant. Note: I was on the shot for about 3 1/2 years. Good luck and God bless.


Danielle - October 3

I think it's different for all women. My experience: I was on depo for 3 yrs. My boyfriend and I decided together that I would stop because we eventually wanted to have a child and had heard all of the stories about delaying prenancy after stopping shot. That was a year and 1/2 ago. I just found out I am pregnant about a week ago. We have been using spermicides this whole time except maybe once or twice, that's probably how it happened. we couldn't be happpier. I'm just stressed about making it past the 10 week mark with out problems. last pregnancy was a miscarriage 4 years ago. Really don't want to relive that pain. Please God give us a healthy baby! Anyway, best of luck to you in trying to conceive. But, my doctor told me you should use a barrier method for six months to allow your cycles to restabilize.


Krissy - October 11

I would ignore that last statement by Lucy if I were. Who is she to judge when it is or isn't right for you to conceive? If God blesses you with a child, then it is the right time!!! I got off depo in December and got pregnant in July. It can take up to two years. Standard time frame is 10 months to two years. contact your doctor if you have questions. That would be your best bet.


Vikki - November 15

I stopped taking Depro about 9 months ago. I am now 7 weeks pregnant. It is normally approximately 6-9 months.


Tricia - November 16

I was on the Depo shot from the end of 2001 until this year my shot was due this September and myself and my husband decided we wanted another child so i didn't get it. I have started my period but it was light. Does anyone know about anyone getting pregnant in less than a year after ther last depo. It took my freind almost 2 years. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!


linda - November 18

i have been off it for months. have got my period in july,augeust and september twice in one month. october had it for only three days and stop bleeding. i usually bleed when i have my period for seven days or more with out fail. i am spotting/bleeding light today, can i be pregnant anyway? e-mail me at thanks


shannon - November 18

i got pregnant after about 6 months of stopping the shot - it was making me crazy with depression and we wanted to start trying anyways. I was on it for about 1 & 1/2 years. Good luck to all and have fun trying!


sophil - November 23

I just got over my depo know my period has started. i was woundering can i get pregnant now.


Laura - November 25

i was on Depo for 4-5 years and i had my last shot end of May this year as me and husband decided to start ttc. My normal period started again on 22nd october and then i had a very light period 20th November so i think a cycle pattern is starting again. I feel so much better for being off Depo and will never go on it again! Good luck to you all!


nbp - November 29

i hate that shot....besides the fact that i gained 100 pounds in less than a year because of it, i had trouble getting pregnate, it took me and my husband 2 years, and i know peole who it took 5 years and one person it took 12 years. good luck...every one is different and they say give it at least a year.


missy - December 4

I have had the shot for 1 year and just went off in may. I got my period on the 26th of october and had it til the 6th of november. I had s_x on the 5th of november and now I'm not feeling good. Do you think i'm prego? Please help me!


Ashley - December 6

I started the shot in September of this year and after bleeding for 3 months straight I decided not to get my next shot this November. I got the shot because of the convenience of only needing it every 3 mos, however it turned out to be an awful form of birth control.I think the only reason it works is because you are bleeding so much your partner doesnt want to go near you. I have always been really pet_te (105) I could eat a horse and not gain a pound but the shot made me gain 5 pounds in 3 mos!! It is my hope that my periods will regulate now since my husband and I have decided that maybe it is time to start trying for a baby afterall = ) I will keep you posted...


nadine - December 7

how long will it take for me to have a baby from being on the depo injection



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