How Long For You To Get Pregant After The Depo

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Carla - March 3

Hi, i have gone on the Depo injection, i have only had one, i am due my second one. I have heard all these crazy stories that it can take ages to concieve after stoppin. I am gonna have my second injection then i aint goin to have another one. Will it take me long to concieve? If someone can email me at the followin address - [email protected] i will be very gratefull..


stef - March 10

i took clomid and i am waiyhing to see if i am pregnant is it easy to get pregnant after clomid 50gr for 5 days and a shoo?


Heather - March 16

I was on the depo shot for almost 3 years after taking the depo i went to the pill, then to the patch, me and my husband decided to start trying to have a baby...we have been trying to concive for about 3 months now but still no luck yet...i have wanted a baby for as long as i can remember..i work at head start with children every day i want nothing more then to have my own please god help me get pregnant.


zadora weeks - March 22

hello? i have had depo for only since last year when i miscarred and i got that shot in feburay 18 o5 and i just was due in january 23 06 an skipped it and it is now march and was wondering how long will it take for me to get pregnant?


erica white - March 27

I think but I am not I am not sure


Amber - March 27

i hate to say this but my experiance wasnt so great .I took depo for a year .got off ,didnt have s_x for a year then got into a serious realationship where i had s_x for 3 years unprotected before i got pregnant .im 9 months now but before i got pregnant ,in 4 years my periods were never normal .


Haley - March 27

if i had s_x yesterday, and he used a condom and it didn't break and he pulled it out when he was about to bust, and then got my period the next day, could i bbe pregnant?


me - March 29

i took one injection and now i want to get pregnant but the bleeding hasnt stoped, i dont know when i can get pregnant i really want it baddd! someone help me


ignacio sanchez - March 29

i was wondering that if you have been on the dop for shot for about 2 and half years and you missed a shot and had unprotected s_x, and about 4 days later you got a period that is the same as the rest of your periods if you can be pregnant.


Amanda - March 31

Ignacio, i missed 1 shot and thought i was pregant to but my doctor said that i could have not been pregant because i still had the shot in my system but then i was not bleeding so the best thing to do is go get a preganacy test and take it good luck


midali - April 4

i got my first depo shot in jan 7 of 2006 im not putting it nomore so how soon can i get pregnat after just putting one shot


corinne - April 4

It takes 3 months for the shot to wear off. So probably about 3-4 months?


corinne - April 4

Oops I meant after you got the shot not after it wears off.


buddy - April 12

My last shot was in Aug 2005. The nurse told me it could take up to 18mths to get pregant :(. I am really clueless on how to track your fertile days. How do you know when to use a fertility test?


buddy - April 12

How do you know when to use a fertility test? I almost bought one but the directions on the box were unclear when to take the test.


BethK - April 28

It's a bit scary how mis-informed some women are about this. I agree, there is very little info given about it. According to the website of the company (and several other websites) the average amount of time from your last injection to conceiving is 10 months. Some women it's sooner, others later. How long you have been on it DOES NOT MATTER (3 months or 10 years, it's the same). Doctors advise waiting until you have resumed regular periods so that it is easier to predict the baby's due date, but I've been told there's no other reason to wait to try and conceive. I've been off it for 2 months so I'm hoping there's only a few more months to go - wanting a baby so desperately is a c___ppy feeling eh? Good luck to all :-)



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