How Long For You To Get Pregant After The Depo

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sugar bum - October 23

i was on the depo for 3 years and came off it june the 4th 2008 my periods started last year and i still havnt got pregnant i advise every women who may be on the depo to come off it !! the depo have totally messed my periods up so its hard to calculate when im ovaluating. iv been to the doctors and they havnt done nothing about it they go on like its not harm full but i no women who have been off it for longer than i have and still are not pregnant it should be banned or doctors should give adivce about it and how it could affect you in the long run. i have been told that you should not be on the depo for longer than 4 years. i no how you are all feeling its very frustrating and it will also put strain on your relationship i been in this situation so many times but good luck to all off you and one day we will get that posative result we have been waiting for :)


happymum - November 23

I started the depo after the birth of my second child in 2000 and my partner of 5 years and I have decided to try for a baby (his first.) I didn't go for my last shot on 25th august but as of yet I still have not had a period. I am really concerned after reading about the problems others are having ttc after depo and think I may have done irreversible damage to my body I have only ever had one light period the whole time I was on depo and I will be absolutely heartbroken if I can't give my partner a child of his own. Good luck to everyone trying!x


msbree - December 16

Hi ladies! As i looked through all 13 pages about different women/girls having trouble gettin pregnant because of Depo, i see that some of you are TOO desperate and going to the extreme! But i am 19 and ive been on the patch, pills, and Depo. I first started Depo when i was about 13 or 14. I got off the patch because my back used to hurt alot so i went to the pills. I stayed on those for a while til i got about 17 and i wanted to get off of them because i couldnt keep up with taking them everyday, so my mama put me on the shot. I was so ready to get on it because i was ready for it to stop my period cause when my period come, i had lower back pains and get bloated and stomach hurt so bad and it was unbearable! So i read the paper about the Depo (NOT knowing that it would be hard to TTC!!) So i went ahead with it and stayed on it up to this year. I got my last shot in March 2010 which i due for my next shot in June 2010. I been off it since then. Like over the summer, i had a period to where it was heavy and use to discharge and it was just confusing!! Then my period stayed off for a while and came back on November and stayed on for EXACTLY 5 weeks!! (UGH!!) And it flowed pretty heavily. So this month makes the 6th month of me being off it it and idk what to expect from this point forward. I really want me a baby because i LOVE kids and i find myself VERY interested into this kind of dicussion! So i would recommend for ALL women/girls NOT to get that shot because it will have your body all MESSED up!! GOOD LUCK!!!


manda_25 - January 12

the last shot i took was in march of 10 had a period in june of 10 bacame pregnate in november 2010 now im going through a miscarriage i really belive it has something to do with the shot i was on GOOD LUCK EVERYONE


manda_25 - January 12

yes i have going though one now at 5 weeks


Jessx - January 23

I started the shot about a year and a half ago and have been off the shot for 5months. My partner and me have been trying since then and still no luck. I no 5months isnt long but it feels like forever, and up until I came of the shot i was being told I could get pregnant as soon as i come of it by my docs, nothing got said about it lasting 6months-18months. I found this out just before I came of the shot and now am stressing because if it doesnt get out of my system for the whole 18 months it could then take longer after to conseve once my bodys back to normal. Any help on what to do?


MssCee - January 26

I got the shot just this last September after I had my son. I wasn't informed of the side effects. I didn't read up on it for a while.. (I'm really kicking myself for not researching it before I decided on it) but I was convinced I wouldn't want more kids for years. Recently, DH and I decided it would be nice to have the next one close in age with our son. It's been only 4 months since the last shot. We haven't been preventing lately. Started bleeding two weeks ago and it lasted six days. I got a few days break before it came back!! It's disappointing...I thought it was my period for the first time since I ended it, and that I was having a cycle, I thought that especially since I had EWCM for a couple days when I would have been on CD 11. I'm so upset and worried I won't be able to get pregnant again. is this kind of irregular bleeding normal? I barely got a week's break :(


Jessx - January 26

Thats exactly what its like for me. I was on my period basicly the whole time I was on the injection though, my doctors kept saying that It would sort itself out soon and it would be fine. That was a lie because I was on it for around a year and a half and still nothing changed. When i came of of it i had the same thing, and then a few months ago i was of for the right amount of time, and then when i came on i thought my cycle was back to normal :) IT WASNT! because then i was just on for ages. I was then of for about 8weeks, thought i could possibly be pregnant, I wasnt!.. and my periods are still messed up. I dont no what can help, because nothing is yet? :(


skibagirl7 - July 29

I was on depo for around 8 years, since I was 17. I'm 25 now. Had my last shot in Dec, 2010. Was due for one in March, 2011 but opted out since my boyfriend was worried that we would never be able to have kids because of the damage depo does to your body. It has been 4 months since I was due for my last shot and I haven't had a period. However, I must have been ovulating because I started having pregnancy like symptoms, took 2 hpt's and they were both positive! lol. Thats my story, but everyone is different. Good luck!


happymum - July 29

Just thought I'd update, after being on depo for over 9 years I got my last shot in June 2010 my first period wasn't till march 2011 they came regularly every month increasing in length 24,25,26 days once I was back to 26 days as I was before depo I started charting and doing opk's to pinpoint my ovulation my first completely normal period was June 24th and I ovulated on July 6th and got my bfp 15/7/2011 so now I'm 5 weeks pregnant. Everybody is different and it's just a waiting game good luck to you all it is possible! Xx


mimi22louis - September 8

I have gotten my last depo shot in January of this year.. I had s_x with my boyfriend august 1st and I been spotted the next day and got my period on august 3... Now its sept 7 and I been cramping and having pregnancy signs... Am I pregnant?


tx_leslie - October 4

I was on depo for 9 years. Starting in 2001 and ending in February 2010. I got pregnant in March 2011. This was just about as I expected. I plan on using depo again after the baby is born. This is my first pregnancy and I have had no complications. I would recommend depo to people like me who intend on planning a pregnancy at leat a year in advance. By the way, the more someone stresses about becoming pregnant, the less likely it becomes. So relax!


armywife1015 - November 26

I was on depo for 3 years, then IUD for 1, then depo for 1 again (5 years straight no period) and came off in June (last shot was march 2011) I took Femaprin which claims to help get your menstrual cycle regular quicker. I read reviews but was skeptical but figured I'd try it as it wasn't an expensive investment if it didn't work. I started taking it in July and got a regular period back in september. I got pregnant in october and am now about 6 weeks. So there is hope. I was worried about it taking forever but it didn't so I guess it varies for everyone!


crystie - December 30

I was on the shot of about a month & a half, I stopped around may (about 7 months ago) and I've been trying to get pregnant. Well now I have all the signs but when I take a pregnancy test it still shows up negative. Has anyone else had this problem?


crystie - December 30

*I only had the shot once then never went back due to me having my period for a month straight. (this goes with my previous post) btw I havent had my period since I stopped the depo shot. Anyone else have this problem?


sherece24 - December 31

i had a baby in april 21, 2011. on the 22nd i got my depo. i pled none stop for 2 months. it stopped for two days. during the two days i had unprotected s_x. a day later, i bled for about 6 full months. although i was still taking my depo every 3 months. the 7th month, it stopped again for 3three days. so i decided to have s_x again. one day later my cycle came back on and been on every since then. lately i been eating strange foods, always tired, bad cramps, and headaches. is it possible if i could be pregnant?



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