How Long For You To Get Pregant After The Depo

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nadine - December 7

how long will it take for me to have a baby from being on the depo injection


MELLY - December 7



K - December 8

it varries from woman to woman but it can take anywhere from 6 months to 18 months before you can get pregnant after getting off the depo. it took me 6 months to get my period and a year after got my period before i got pregnant. for me it took 18 months but it can be as soon as 6 months for some women


Niecy - January 5

I was on the shot for three months and I got really sick so I decide not to go back for my next one its been a month and I started my period and I'm trying to have a baby now so wish me luck you on the other hand when the time is right then it will happen thats what I think


Lauren - January 10

I got pregnant about a week and a half after the end of my last shot.


Jenny L - January 10

It sounds like everyone is different. Perhaps it depends how long you've been on it. I was on/off it for about 4-5 years and got off about 7/02 and never had a period. Found out I was pregnant 10/, it took me about 2 years.


A - January 11

What is the depo?


J - January 12

ive been of the shot for six months now and still havent gotten my period.Should I be worried


kyle - January 13

how long dose it take to get pregnet wene you get off the shot


MIchelle - January 13

I stopped Deop in October 2003. I never got my period back, but got pregnant the first week of March 2004.


meika - January 15

Ihad unprotected s_x just after my period will be pregnant and also bleed a little and my preiod is not due.


jalissa - January 17

can i get pregnant 1 week before my next depo shot? i've only had 2 injections.


lani - January 19

ive been on depo for the first time when will i start ovulating if i got the shot november 15,2004


Leeanne - January 25

I had been on depo for for approx two years i then had a years break and went back on it for a year and a half. two months ago I have came off it. I was put on it when I was quite young as doctors thought it was the best way to treat all the period problems I was having. now that my husband and I want to have a child I regret ever goiong on the injection. I would like to see more information about depo as I feel there is not enough info for women out there. women need access to greater information about the injection so we can make more informed choices as the descision to have the injection can potentially affect the rest of our lives. good luck to everyone!!!


shyane - January 28

how long till you can get pregnant after being on the depo??


me and you - February 9

I got off the shot in December of 2004, it is now February 9th of 2005, how long till I can get pregnant?



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