How Long For You To Get Pregant After The Depo

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me and you - February 9

I got off the shot in December of 2004, it is now February 9th of 2005, how long till I can get pregnant?


marjorie - February 10

i was on the injection for almost one year and i come off it and i trying to get pregant how long do i haveto wate to get pregant thank you for your time


marie - February 15

I want another baby and i getting ready to take my iud out. and i wanted to know how long its going to take to get pregant?


nikki - February 17

I was on the depo injection and i stopped having it in jan 2003 i got pregnant with my third baby november 2004. so it took me 1 year 11 months to concieve after stopping it. But reemember everyone is different.


Shakera Paige - February 17

how long does it take to get pregnant after i took the depo and bitrhcontrol and the patch


Heather - February 20

my last depo shot ran out in February 2004 and i became pregnant in December 2004


hi - February 24

cna i ask u question


kiran - February 24

within how many months of s_x women can get preganent?


Tina - February 26

it will be 10yrs this may i have been on the shot i was 16 when i got it and it was two days after i delivered my son/i am getting off of it but the question i have is they say to get the shot six weeks after you give birth but mine was 2 days is this ok/and also my chances of getting pregnant slim because of how long i have been on it/


Daine Lewis - February 28

How long does it take to pregnant after I stop takng the depo shot?


Diane - February 28

I started to take the shot in april of 2003, I stopped taking it in Jan of 2004, I am engaged now and we want a baby. We are getting married in June of this year. But my thing is that I have not had a reg period since. My question is will ever have a reg. period again and will I ever get pregnant again?


Jackie - March 2

I got on the depo shot sept. 2004 and i got off dec.2004 and i have been on my period since i got on the shot and now im trying to have a baby.. Will i ever be normal again?


Rashieska Griffin - March 3

I have a question to ask so here it goes I have just gotton on the depo three days ago and now I'm ready to have a baby how long will it take to get pregnancy?


Pamala - March 9

I went off the needle dec 2003 and am trying to get pregnant now...i had my last period feb 2 05..but still no luck with long does it take?


tracy - March 17

How long does it take to get pregnant after you stop taking birth control 2 months ago?


michelle - March 18

i've been off depo for 3 years still no baby, on clomid now and ovulating...



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