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? - November 15

about how many weeks was it when you guys started seeing stretch marks. Im and still young and Im trying to take care of my body as much as I can. Im 32 weeks right now and so far my stomach is as smooth and as clear as it can be. my stomach isnt that big either and its my first baby is there any hope i'll get through this pregnancy with little or no stretch marks???


shan - November 18

Sure, you can get through preganncy without stretch marks - it's all got to do with skin elasticity. We have amazing bodies that get us through pregnancy. I did find a few stretch amrks appear after delivery though - there are some places you just can't get a look at. Some also become less noticeable with time I've found. Good luck to you - you'll probably be amazed how much bigger your stomach gets in the last few weeks - again, amazing things our bodies!


Carrie - November 19

I am in my 38th week and I have no stretch marks and I have put on almost 50lbs... The key that I find is lots of moisturizer I just used an aloe base lotion from shoppers drug mart. Good luck.


? - November 19

wow thats amazing you gained 50 lbs well Ive only gained like 8 lbs from my prepregnancy weight its kind of weird though I started weighing 118 and the first 4 months of my pregnancy I lost 10 lbs because of that annoying morning sickness it was a horrible experience for me well after my fifth month i was able to gain back to my regular weight an gain 8 lbs after that now I weight 126. well so far no stretch marks yet and I'm 33 weeks now I think Its hard to keep track. and I'm actually proud to say my stomach is little, round and cute. I like showing my bellie of more girls should do that pregnancy can be a beautiful thing. no matter how the bellie looks.


angel - December 23

I went though my first with no strecth mark untill about 8 months and then I got them everywhere my son was also 2 weeks late that didnt help..... I tried everything and they just didnt stop they just keep coming....


c - December 23

I'm 33 weeks now and have stretch marks only on my b___bs and b___t. I didn't have any b___bies before and now they are monsterous (to me, normal to everyone else). I just have a few, but my belly is still farely small and unscathed! I don't know if it makes a difference - everyone is different - but I use oils like almond, cocoa b___ter and coconut oi. That may be the key, I don't know.


november - April 19

actually i am 32 weeks too and i got stretch marks really bad on mt sides between my legs b___bs but none on my belly so i think it depends on the person. Im only 17 and covered in them.


alisa - April 25

stretch marks are hereitary it has to do with your skins elasticity so ask your mom whether or not she had them . i do recommend some sort of lotion for the itchies when you do start stretching tighter


jennifer - May 4

I'm only 5 months pregnant and my stomach is pretty big is this normal?


nelly - May 5

jennifer im sure everything is fine everyone is different with my 1 pregnancy i didnt start showing til 5 months and i am pregnant now and at 5 months i looked like i was 7 months. i am 7 months now and i look like im 9 months.


christine - July 10

Hello, IM 27 yrs old, 8mths pregnant with no strectch marks, IM scared I might get some in my last month but so far so good. I dont use special creams either, I do exfoliate and use baby oil but I,ve done that for years. I do agree that is depends on your skin and my doctor also said its heredetery( dont know how to write that word), ask your mom.


kate - July 13

u get most stretch marks in ur last 2-3 weeks good luck, i have so bad


JenniferW - July 18

It does depend on your skin's elasticity, but also on genetics. It can't hurt if you use cocoa b___ter and all of that (I am), but that mostly helps with the itchiness that comes when your skin is really stretched. Whether or not you get stretch marks has nothing to do with how much lotion you slather on yourself. I've had friends that have put it all over themselves from the first trimester on, and still had bad stretch marks and others who never used it but occasionally and never got one. It's just the luck of the draw.


muna tamang - August 5

Im and still young and i am trying to take care of my body as much as i can.i am five month after stomach is full of stretch marks?


HELEN - August 7

Loads and loads of mosituiser is the answer.I had no stretch marks with my daughter and i swear it was because i used it day and night it can't hurt to give it a go can it?


Rachel. R - August 9

im 17 weeks, and I have started to get them already, I have lost 1 kilo in my whole pregnancy, my stomach is itching alot, thats cause its growing, Im trying, but there still coming, i know some people who had there entire stomachs covered in them, not good. hoping i dont get like that.


Jessica - August 17

Yes there is hope to get through your pregnency without any stretch marks. I was not that aware of what pregnancy can do to my body so i have them . But i have friends that do not because they used Palmers coco b___ter twice a day and they did not see one strecth mark. I suggest you should try it because my strecth marks did come until i was36 weeks pregnant.



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